Doug DeMuro. The home of badly censored license plates, cringey humour and some very amateur video editing. If you’re not into cars already, you will be after losing yourself for hours in Doug’s wonderful YouTube channel. Featuring a wide range of different cars, from exotics like the Ferrari F40 to some more interesting choices, like a fire truck. But the cars aren’t the only reason we stay and watch, it’s also the cheerful and charming man that hosts the show. From the excessive use of the word “quirk” to the way he occasionally waves at the camera like his mother is filming a home video, people can’t help but become sucked into his world of mild car banter and sheer passion for the motoring world.

For existing fans and newbies alike, here are (in no particular order) 6 of his best, most colourful and entertaining videos in our humble opinion.

Here’s Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car

The highlight of this video has got to be when he attacks the infotainment screen with his tongue, a plunger and a lighter in an attempt to show that the screen is unreliable, all while pulling some highly entertaining faces at the camera. The best part is that it’s not even his car!

Doug DeMuro Tesla Model X

The running gag for this one is that he’s being sarcastic and actually thinks the Model X is a great car, however, many viewers were quick to read the title and hit the dislike button before realising it was just a joke. DARN IT!

I Pissed Off a Lot of British People

We should warn you, this video includes a single swear word. Something that you won’t hear in any other Doug DeMuro video, which makes this video extra special.

This is a response video to his other video where he made people angry by insulting the Range Rover Defender. Thinking it’s an apology video based on the title, you’d be wrong, because this is 4 minutes of sarcastic abuse aimed at the Defender, only proclaiming his love for British cars at the end. Until that point, he lists all the things that have gone wrong with his Range Rover whilst sarcastically (and hilariously) waving the Union Jack.

It’s true, British cars aren’t well made, but he still drives a Range Rover, Lotus and Aston Martin so he clearly loves them regardless!

I Drove an Armored Military Vehicle Around Suburban Nashville

“I’ve got sauce in the tank” he says, thanking the drive-through staff as he takes his food order from the turret position of his Ferret armoured military vehicle.

The bizarreness of this video is what makes it great. The whole arrangement of this video, a gentle and harmless man like Doug driving a tank-looking thing with a big machine gun on top through town, it’s…poetic. Doug making fake gun noises whilst operating the machine gun (at 9:17) is obviously a massive bonus. Although, saying all this, a lot of his videos have a similar level of bizarreness.

I Crushed a Chrysler PT Cruiser with a Hummer

We think the title is pretty self explanatory. However, before crushing the Chrysler, he abuses and tortures the poor thing by painting the interior, nailing wood to the exterior, setting the passenger seat on fire and washing the interior with a hose. Normally, we’d be deeply disturbed watching someone do these things to a car, but once we remember that it’s just a PT Cruiser, it makes it all ok.

Full of all the cringey Doug DeMuro comedy we know and love, combined with a Hummer crushing two cars, how could this video not be one of the best?

The $230,000 Mercedes-AMG G65 Is the Stupidest Car On Sale

Many may consider Doug a kind and gentle type of guy. However, don’t underestimate his ability to turn full savage and insult a car he doesn’t like for over 20 minutes straight. This is a 26 minute verbal assault on the G65, which sounds harsh, but after you watch it you’ll understand it’s justified.

He basically shows us how this $230,000 car has less features than a $50,000 car and the only redeeming feature of it is that it looks cool. The best thing about Doug making a harsh negative review of a car is that he’s renting that car from the owner. So while he calls this car utterly pointless and says how it’s for obnoxious rich people in Beverly Hills who don’t know anything about cars, the owner is probably somewhere out there watching the video with their jaw dropped to the floor in shock.

Here’s Why the Ugly Pontiac Aztek Is Becoming Cool

Taking place in the car park of a secondary school, a man wearing chino shorts in his mid/late 30s records himself setting up a tent that’s attached to the back of his car. He also shows off the air bed that fits in the back of the car, as well as the detachable centre storage unit that is also a cooler box and has a CD rack in it. Essentially, this is quintessential Doug DeMuro. The perfect blend of quirkiness and weirdness made into digestible entertainment. This car, well known from Breaking Bad, is full of the “quirks” that Doug loves so much, and his love for it really shows as he presents the countless features of the vehicle like an excited child showing his friends his new toys. Classic Doug.


If you think a car channel on YouTube has to be focussed on exotic supercars in order to be entertaining and engaging, you’re wrong. Thanks to the blessing that is Doug DeMuro, even the most mundane of cars can have 20 minute videos made about them that keep us engaged all the way through. He’s pure genius. Let us know what your favourite Doug videos are!

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