Modifying your car doesn’t have to be expensive or extreme – unless you want it to be! – as there are some relatively simple upgrades out there for your vehicle that can boost performance, handling and all sorts of things that make driving just that little bit more enjoyable. Read on to see some of our favourite modifications that are a great starting point for any car enthusiast.


Changing tyres

Changing up your car’s tyres is a smart move, as they will really affect performance, handling, braking and acceleration. Generally you will want as much rubber in contact with the ground as possible, which is where wider tyres come in handy as they offer more grip and hold the road much better than their narrower alternatives.

It is also well worth investing in different tyres for summer and winter as each will be optimised for the hot or cold temperatures of the seasons.


Wheels modification

Of course, we can’t talk about tyres and not mention the benefits of replacing the wheels themselves. A lighter set of wheels will be easier for an engine to set in motion and will also stop much easier too. Again, the wider the better and a larger diameter allows for bigger brakes, perfect for track cars.


Brakes modification

Talking of brakes, a popular modification is to get bigger brake disks as heat is better dissipated and your car will stop much more effectively as a result, with stainless steel options providing more rigidity. You can also get cheaper high friction performance brake pads and change out the rubber brake lines while you’re there.

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake modification

Another modification, and certainly our favourite of all, is improving engine efficiency with CAI (Cold Air Intake), which helps a lot the faster you go. Cool air makes engines more powerful and a clear airway actually helps with fuel efficiency, all thanks to the cone-shaped, long-life filter and intake tube.

For something so useful that can improve acceleration, it only takes about an hour to do so is well worth looking into!

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