From huge wings to sleek fins, there are so many beautiful spoilers out there.

Spoiler alert: car spoilers ahead. Stop reading here if you haven’t already seen all of these cars and their respective spoilers.

Now, let us being by saying spoilers are great. They’re fun, look cool and certainly add at least 30hp to your vehicle, making it faster and definitely not slower. That being said, not all spoilers are created equal, with some just looking plain nasty. We’re looking at you, Jaguar F-Type.

So, which cars have some of the best OEM spoilers ever made? Well, that’s easy. See below and let us know if you agree.

McLaren Speedtail

Best OEM Car Spoilers

Now, perhaps not technically a ‘spoiler’ but the McLaren Speedtail has some very cool fins that have gone unnoticed by a lot of people. You wouldn’t notice them unless they’re up due to the fact that they’re part of the bodywork itself.

That’s right. These fins are part of the back end of the car and can raise up to about 5 inches thanks to flexible carbon fibre and clever engineering. Their purpose is to stabilise the car at high speeds as well as act as a sort of air brake, as seen in the McLaren 720S. Ultra-cool!

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

Jiří Sedláček, CC BY-SA 4.0 Via Wikimedia
Jiří Sedláček, CC BY-SA 4.0 Via Wikimedia

Clearly, a no-brainer for this list, the ‘whale tail’ as it is famously known is 100% iconic. It’s probably the first thing you notice on this car, especially if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing one in-person, and it also happens to be the last thing you see as you eat the dust of this power-house rally car. Also seen on the Escort RS Cosworth, the whale tail is truly a thing of beauty and is a clear reference to these cars’ racing ability and prowess.

Porsche 911 Turbo

Best OEM Car Spoilers

The ‘whale tail’ that came before the Cosworth’s was the one you see before you here and the glorious, now classic, Porsche 911 Turbo. The 930 Turbo was the very first Turbo and was an absolute beauty, featuring a much wider rear with flared arches and wider wheels as well as a higher power output, obviously.

Jaguar I-Pace

Best OEM Car Spoilers (4)

For the sake of variety, the Jaguar I-Pace makes a very nice addition to the list. Yes, it’s an SUV but it’s widely regarded as one of the best out there and certainly one of, if not the best electric SUV available for the price. It’s luxurious, sporty, good-looking and of course, cheap to run. Most notably in this instance, though, it’s got a very cool spoiler.

The design as a whole is praised basically non-stop by critics as being innovative and stylish in a way that hasn’t really been done before with an electric SUV thanks to large wheels and very sporty proportions. At the rear lies a spoiler that’s like the cherry on the already-gorgeous cake, which is pointed at each end like cat ears which perfectly complements the wedge-like boot that drops off the back at a near-90 degree angle.

Let us know about some of your favourite spoilers, in the comments.

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