Electric cars, you either love them or you hate them. In light of the electric car movement, we are defending the classic petrol car and making a case for why you need to get your hands on one before it’s too late!


Is the potential petrol ban a threat to classic cars?

You have no doubt heard all about the impending new petrol and diesel car ban, set for 2040 in the UK, which has got everyone talking. Now, whether this will actually go ahead or not is unknown, but one thing we know for sure is electric cars are gradually taking over the roads.


However, many of us still enjoy the raw driving experience that only a classic car can offer. Petrol cars are refined, quiet, responsive and they are ideal for those making shorter, local journeys.

Aston Martin DB5

Petrol vs diesel cars

Compared to diesel, petrol cars are also cheaper to run and buy. Since their engines weigh less, petrol sports cars offer greater performance with a better ‘roar’ and are generally more fun to drive. Petrol cars have always been popular and as this type of engine is more cost-efficient to produce, prices are kept lower.

Electric Pump

Electric cars continue to evolve but despite having some advantages, they can be pricier and, with so few charging points available – plus the fact that it can take hours to charge – petrol cars are looking more and more practical by the minute.

Nissan Leaf front

Should you get a classic petrol car?

A new era of electric transportation will soon be upon us, but as you can imagine, petrol won’t simply disappear overnight. They will be used for generations to come and as there are plenty of stunning classics out there, a booming resale market and worldwide demand is sure to keep fuel up as the main energy source for vehicles.

Rusty Classic Car and Pump

Affordable petrol classics such as the Toyota Carina Special and the Fiat 125 Special can still be picked up for a good price, so it’s well worth considering getting an old petrol classic.

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