In honour of the new Captain America film being released towards the end of the month, we thought it would be a good time to talk about his two wheeled companion.  Throughout all the Captain America and other marvel films starring Captain America he has used a number of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, this post is about all the different motorcycles he has used in both the Captain America and Avengers film series.

Captain America – The First Avenger

The Harley Davidson used in the film was a 1942 WLA Liberator; this motorcycle was used throughout the second half of the film till the end. Captain America always used motorcycles in the comics and it became an iconic part of his character.

1941 Harley-Davidson WLA Liberator

The motorcycle was designed in mind for the Military by Harley, and eventually the US Army ordered around 70,000 units between 1942 and 1945. It was designed to be able to scout ahead quickly through adverse terrain and to be powerful enough to carry all the necessary gear that a soldier would need.

Captain America Motorcycles

The motorcycle was also fitted with a rifle sling at the front, so the rider can easily and securely store his weapon. With a 740cc engine and a top speed of 65mph on paved roads, weighing in at around 550lbs (without any other accessories attached) meant that the getting around quickly was never an issue.

Avengers – The Avengers Assemble

A Harley-Davidson FLS Soft-tail Slim, was used by Captain America at the very last scene of the film. The scene was shot after the battle of New York with the rest of the Avengers at the time.

This Harley had a 1690cc engine which gave the motorcycle 88 foot-pounds of torque at 3200rpm and a top speed of 110mph. The 4.2 gallon fuel tank gives the rider around 180 miles of traveling distance without needing to refill. The FLS made a return in the second stand-alone film “The Winter Soldier”.

2012 Harley-Davidson FLS Softail Slim

Captain America – The Winter Soldier

We see a brief appearance of the 2014 Harley-Davidson Soft-tail Breakout in “Winter Soldier” but this motorcycle was used as his personal motorcycle only.

The Harley used throughout the film had the same 1690cc engine as the 2012 FLS Soft-tail slim, however had a larger fuel tank of 5 gallons and 95 foot-pounds of torque at 3000rpm with a top speed of 122mph.

Harley Davidson Softtail Breakout

During the film he was named an enemy and fugitive of S.H.I.E.L.D by Alexander Pierce secretly a leading member of Hydra, Captain America escapes the headquarters using a more combat worthy motorcycle, a 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750.

The Street 750 was used for the majority of bike scenes during the film which had a smaller 749cc engine as it was lighter than previous motorcycles used during the film series.

The engine gave the motorcycle 43.5 foot-pounds of torque at 4000rpm and a top speed of 110mph. The fuel tank was also smaller compared to other fuel tanks in previous motorcycles used, the Harley had a fuel tank size of 3.5 gallons.

2014 Harley Davidson Street 750

We see this motorcycle used at the beginning of “Avengers – Age of Ultron” where he performed a backflip, sending the motorcycle ever so sadly into a Hydra Vehicle.

We are keeping an eye out for Captain America’s next set of wheels – no doubt that it will sport a Harley-Davidson badge!


Images: Action Academy, Motorcycle Cruiser, Bud Cad, Marvel Wikia

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