So, are cars getting ridiculously cheap, or are today’s smart phones becoming ludicrously expensive? For example, Apple’s brand-new iPhone X has a price tag of £1000 and that’s not even including calls, texts or data.

Add this preciously-priced device to a monthly plan and you’re looking at £60-£117 per month, with the expensive packages equaling a total of just over £2,800 over 2 years! But it’s not just the iPhone X that’s criminally costly, it’s common to find many other phone contract ‘deals’ for phones like the iPhone 8 plus and Samsung Galaxy 8+ that range between £60 and £80 per month. Still, compared to pay-monthly car contracts, you would think that no 4-wheeled automobile would be below £100 per month.

This is where we are wrong. With real determination and the willingness to pay a large deposit, after that, these cars will cost you less than £100 a month, meaning you would be paying less than some iPhone X fanatics.

Here are 5 new cars that are cheaper (monthly) than some of today’s expensive phone contracts.

Suzuki Celerio £79 per month

Suzuki Celerio

This car is as cheap as it gets for monthly finance deals, but don’t let that make you think it’s poor quality. This car is rated as one of the best city cars by What Car and it’s easy to see why.

Headlining with a list price of only £6,999, it has an outstanding 65 mpg (when driving economically, of course) and if you’re driving this car, you won’t have to pay road tax as it only emits 99g/km of CO2. So not only will you be helping your wallet, but the environment as well.

Suzuki Celerio

However, to unlock the tiny price of £79/month, the catch is that a large deposit of £1,855 will be needed. You didn’t expect there not to be a catch, did you? Still, a great bargain for a great car, if you’ve got spare cash lying around.

Nissan Micra (K13 model) £89 per month

Nissan Micra

Being one of best known small cars on the road, throughout Europe and Asia, it’s surprising to find that the Micra is now available for such an affordable monthly price. Comprising of a low fuel consumption of around 60 mpg, a surprisingly spacious interior and a very good, 4 star NCAP safety rating, it makes you wonder how this can be as low as £89/month.

Nissan Micra rear

However, with a huge deposit of £2,600 at 7.9% APR, the reality becomes clearer. Nonetheless, for such a well-known and popular car, this finance plan may still be worth considering.

Dacia Sandero £89 per month

Dacia Sandero

The champion of the Top Gear’s 1.0 litre three cylinder cars challenge, this little car is amazing value for money. Although it may cost about £7,000-£10,000 less than the Ford Fiesta, it doesn’t come with that much less. Featuring an exceptionally generous boot of 320 litres and an impressive fuel efficiency of about 70 mpg, this small car is superb value for money.

Dacia Sandero interior

What Car called it “the cheapest new car you can buy” and at a list price of £6,995, it’s certainly up there. The reviews for this car are positive all round, praising its very spacious interior, outstanding visibility and fuel efficiency.

Dacia Sandero

You can find finance deals for this car with a relatively small deposit of only £798 and APR of 7.9%, making this car the cheapest on the list.

Volkswagen Up! £99 per month


It’s hard to believe a VW can be had for £99/month, but they’ve only made that possible with a large £2,485 deposit. However, if you can see past that, then this little runaround is a great buy.

VW Up blue

Known for its style, the car is available in 1000 different colour combinations and can include contrasting roof and wing mirrors to make it stand out even more.

The interior features smartphone integration, a multi-function steering wheel and trendy-looking seating that is also height-adjustable.

VW Up interior

Just like the other cars, it is very economical, achieving about 63 mpg which will keep your fuel costs nice and low. Above all this, if you’re into your brands, who else can say they drive a Volkswagen for £99 per month?

Smart ForFour £99 per month

smart forfour

Last but certainly not least, the super-snazzy Smart ForFour can also be driven for just £99/month. Smart cars have been synonymous with the phrase “city car” and for good reason. This particular model comes in at just 3.49 metres long, making any tight space easy to park in and stress-free.

smart forfour

Not only that, but the cars are hard to beat on style as well, with modern LED lights, contrasting colours and very contemporary interior designs. Unfortunately, the electric models will cost extra, but even with the petrol models the fuel consumption is very appealing, doing roughly 61 mpg this motor will get you from A to B and even C while costing you less than you’d expect.

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