In recent years, emojis have been impossible to ignore, breaking out of our smartphones to infiltrate daily life. You’ll find them on everything from t-shirts and duvet sets to keyrings and cakes. We’d bet you’ve even spotted one of the infamous yellow faces dangling from the odd rear-view mirror too.

And that’s the point of this feature, emojis have broke ground into the automotive world too. ‘Is nothing sacred?’, we hear you cry and the answer to that is ‘no’; the best thing to do is roll over and accept it.

In honour of them getting their own feature-length film (The Emoji Movie – in cinemas August 4th), we’ve picked out our favourite examples of emojis popping up on cars.

The EmojiTR

Of course, there is a car emoji – a dinky red city car in the vein of the Smart Fortwo or Citroen C1 – but have you ever seen this emoji car?

The EmojiTR is a wrap-laden Nissan GT-R that entered the 2015 Gumball 3000. This 660bhp beast has been tuned to churn out 555lb ft of torque and blast it off to 60mph in under three seconds.

Life imitates emojis

Emoji cars

Someone with presumably too much time on their hands took it upon themselves to bring the three car emojis to life.

Emoji cars

Good effort, even if the red car is unmistakably pink…

Art imitating emojis

Emojis have been used to improve road safety too, forming the basis for a powerful structure in a ‘don’t text and drive’ campaign from US mobile phone network Sprint.

the last emoji

Titled ‘The Last Emoji’, the junkyard piece appeared in downtown Miami to highlight the dangers of texting behind the wheel.

On reg plates?

Emoji Honda Civic Type R

Many people – especially ‘the yoof’ – prefer to use emojis in place of actual words wherever possible, but could there be a future where emojis actually appear on our car registration plates?

Honda imagined such a possibility as part of an April Fools prank, which only underlines how ridiculous the concept is – but weirder things have happened.

Emojis on your windscreen

How about telling fellow drivers what you really think of them by displaying emojis on your windscreen? That’s what was suggested by MG for their April 1st joke.

MG Emoji

“From rolling eyes and winky face, to blowing a kiss, cute smile and the thumbs up gesture, the intuitive software gives motorists access to more than 150 iconic expressions,” read MG’s faux press release.

What do you make of emojis? Do they drive you mad or can you not live without them? Let us know in the comments section down there…

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