We’re here to answer the big question – which cars should you invest in now to make a return in the future? Below are three of our favourite future classics; the Ford Puma, Mazda MX-5 and Audi A2.

Ford Puma

Ford Puma

Prices are still quite low for the Puma, which is quite surprising considering this fun sports coupe’s great handling and unique design. Trust us, this is one of those cars that is worth tracking down now before it becomes a sadly missed opportunity in a few years’ time.

Ford Puma rear

Standard models are the easiest to get hold of, however if you get the chance, pick up a Racing Puma for an even better return. Whether you feel that the Puma’s styling has aged well or not, there is no denying that anther like this little car, based on the Mk4 Fiesta, is unlikely to ever grace our roads.

Mazda MX-5

 Mazda MX-5

Few cars have such mass appeal as the MX-5 and this roadster really is a fantastic entry-level sports car. First generation tends to be the most sought after and those flip up headlights make the Mk1 especially collectible.

Mazda MX-5 MK 1

Few people buy one of these to keep hidden in their garage, since Mazda made these ever-so ‘driveable’. This is an affordable, reliable option and there are plenty of examples out there as over 900,000 were sold. Value is set to increase over the years so best start searching for one now.

Audi A2

 Audi A2

With looks that are yet to fade and a whole host of engineering tricks up its sleeves, the characterful A2 has a cult following worldwide. Audi’s focus was on fuel economy when they chose aluminium construction to keep the car light, resulting in low drag coefficient and impressive ‘miles per gallon’ rates.

Audi A2

There’s something intriguing about those jaunty looks and as it a fairly rare car, prices start high but will most likely continue to rise. This makes is ideal for investment and you’ll be the one happily driving a premium car that was well ahead of its time in the early 2000’s.

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  1. Edward Harding

    I have a Jaguar XJ6 Executive 1996 with only 35000 genuine miles on the clock. It is in first class condition and has a full service history. This model was the last of the fantastic straight six engines which were first developed in the early 50’s. The V8 was introduced later that year but was not a good engine and wont be worth much in the future. There are very few of the straight sixes on the market with low mileage and are going to be worth investing in now.


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