If  you are considering purchasing a new car, there are a whole load of different things to think about, but have you thought if you would prefer RWD or FWD? There are a whole bunch of pros and cons to consider for both options so lets take a look at each…

Front Wheel Drive

VW Golf VI

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of FWD is its superior traction in snow or icy weather. But, have you ever thought about why almost all small cars are FWD?

The truth is that most FWD cars use engines that are mounted transversely which means that the transmission isn’t stuck into passenger space under the floor, not only this but they don’t require such large drift-shaft tunnels. All of this empty space means that FWD cars can be much smaller, more fuel efficient whilst also having as much interior room as larger cars.

Audi A3 Mallorca

It’s also a very good idea to consider your safety when choosing a car and there is no doubt that a FWD car is ultimately safer as coming off a road forwards is much better than sideways and increasing your chances or flipping or rolling!

Positives of a FWD

Lamborghini Aventador S

  • Less Fuel Consumption
  • Cheaper to Purchase
  • Safer
  • More Room
  • Cheaper to insure

Rear Wheel Drive

 BMW 1 Series M Coupe

RWD cars are very rugged and simple at the same time, this is even more so if it’s a solid axle design. If you were to drive over a curb or deep pothole in a RWD car, you would be much less likely to break something compared to a FWD. This is why most service vehicles are RWD.

Subaru BRZ

You may often wonder why pretty much all sports and race cars are RWD and that is because they offer better balance and better handling.

The weight of the car is more evenly distributed compared to FWD cars which have most of their weight in the engine and trans axle.

It’s important to remember that if you ever want to go to a track and enjoy some drifting time, you will have to go for a RWD as it is practically impossible to do so in a FWD!

Positives of a RWD

Mercedes-AMG GT R

  • More durable
  • Better for racing
  • More fun to drive
  • Ability to drift

So what’s the verdict?

In conclusion, it very much depends on what you are looking for in a car when deciding between the two. If you are looking for a sporty car that is perfect for weekends at a track then you should definitely choose a RWD, but if you are looking for a family car or  haven’t been driving long then a FWD is a better choice.

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