Instagram may seem like one of the more limited social media channels – after all, it’s just an endless scroll of pretty pictures, yes? No, that’s a very silly and reductive way to look at one of the most influential social media channels.

Make no mistake, Instagram is massive. Sure, it can’t rival Facebook’s two billion monthly users, but with 400 million users every day and 700 million throughout an average month it is still a major force.

A third of the world’s internet users are on Instagram, while almost a fifth of teens consider Instagram to be the most important social media site.

So it’s no surprise that car brands take it so seriously and here we’re running down the most popular car brands on Insta.

10. Aston Martin – 4.6 million followers (@astonmartinlagonda)

Aston Martin DB11 Volante

Aston Martin cars are naturally photogenic so it’s hard not to feel that Aston has an unfair advantage here, but to be fair, every brand in this list has cars that the camera just admires.

If you like shots of vintage Astons or are excited about the forthcoming Vantage, then this is one account you need to be following.

9. Ferrari – 5.3m (@ferrari)

Ferrari Portofino

One of the more curious things about the official Ferrari Instagram is that it follows just two other accounts: @scuderiaferraricollection, which sells clothing, accessories and collectibles for Ferrari enthusiasts, and @scuderiaferrari, the Formula One Team for Maranello.

In the realm of Instagram, Ferrari is a tiny island, albeit it one that more than five million people are interested in. Hop over there for stunning shots of 488s and LaFerraris.

8. Bugatti – 5.4m (@bugatti)

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti’s Instagram following defies logic. They’ve released just two cars over two decades and yet look at them, mixing it up with brands that put out several new cars every year.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll only see two different models across Bugatti’s 500 posts but they sure are awesome. Quality not quantity eh?

7. Jaguar – 5.5m (@jaguar)

Jaguar I Pace

Whoever manages the @Jaguar Instagram is spoilt for choice. They could push their new modern classics like the F-Type and XE or delve into its rich history and highlight actual classics like the D- and E-Type.

6. Maserati – 5.9m (@maserati)


Time for some more Italian flair and while modern Maseratis have their flaws, there are plenty of people that just don’t care, almost six million to be precise. Check out the shots of the Levante kicking up sand in the dunes.

5. Porsche – 8.9m (@porsche)

Porsche 918

Just like Jaguar, Porsche has the luxury of calling on its highly respected history whilst having the option of promoting its new, equally brilliant models. Take a look at this inspired gallery that reduces Porsches to just their front overhang to highlight how iconic, individual and instantly recognisable they are.

4. Audi – 9.6m (@audi)

Audi A7

With cars like the TT and R8 as well as an ever-growing lineup of highly desirable SUVs, Audi’s range was seemingly tailor-made for Instagram.

3. Lamborghini – 10.3m (@lamborghini)

Lamborghini Aventador S

Wanna see the Pope with a Huracan? This is the Insta for you.

2. Mercedes-Benz – 11.4m (@mercedesbenz)

Mercedes-AMG GT R

Merc may fall short of the most Insta followers, but it is the most active, with more posts than any other car brand (more than 9,500). Recent posts promote their Justice League partnership and the new X-Class, while one particularly Autumnal shot features leaves arranges into the famous three-pointed star.

1. BMW – 13.9m (@bmw)


BMW’s Instagram is top dog by quite some way – after all, it is the ‘home of Sheer Driving Pleasure on Instagram’.

If shots of the new M4 CS and X2 are your idea of Instagram heaven, then you‘ll be happy here.

While its almost 14 million followers is impressive, BMW will need to seriously up its game to become the most followed brands on Instagram – a title currently held by Nike with 73.9 million, followed by Victoria’s Secret on 56.8 million.

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