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This time of the year, the winter weather may seem in control; lets take that back and make sure that you get to your destination in the safest way possible. Motor-Vision have teamed up with MotorEasy -the experts in car maintenance- and have gone back the basics offering top tips to ensure that you and your vehicle stay safely on the road this time of year.

De-icing salt

During snowy periods, walking to your vehicle can be very dangerous if not handled properly.

Halfords have recently launched a metre-long de-icing salt stick which means ice and snow are melted rapidly by applying salt to the floor between your home and your vehicle, decreasing the risk of falling.

We’re sure other salt sticks are available, but Halfords are charging £3.50 for theirs which can cover up to 60 square meters!

Windscreen protection

If you can pre-plan, it can remove aggravation in the mornings. It sounds obvious but by securing your vehicle in a garage or parking the front of the vehicle nearer to a wall, this can provide protection from the snow or ice settling on your windscreen. It is one of the main causes of damage to windscreens and fatal accidents, so it’s important to prevent this from happening.

Covering your windscreen with a blanket or sheet is a real cheap and easy way to prevent ice appearing on the vehicle, leaving you with more time in the morning.

A myth that often circulates during winter months is to use hot water to melt the ice from your windscreen. Although this will effectively dissolve the ice, it may lead to bigger issues. Due to the rapid change of temperature caused by the hot water on the surface, your windscreen could potentially crack…adding more aggravation to your day! 

Cleaning your vehicle

Even through blistering cold times, it is extremely important to keep your vehicle clean, especially your lights. Keeping things tidy allows other cars to see your vehicle and a simple wipe of the headlights with a cloth it can be done.

Studies show that you can lose an estimated 40% of luminosity in just 20 miles due to the gritted roads, according to road safety charity IAM Road Smart.

Driving cautiously

As you can imagine ice on the roads can be truly perilous. MotorEasy found there were 122,635 roads accidents in the UK last year, 20% of these accidents were serious or even fatal.

Additionally, 48% of drivers have avoided driving because of the weather and a further 52% of motorists admit that ice is one of the reasons that they put off travelling.

For extra peace of mind, MotorEasy offer protection plans from warranty cover to vehicle servicing.

MotorEasy handle any repairs you need directly with the garage; even arranging collection and return of your car! Plus, they pay the garage, so you’re never out of pocket.

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