An amazing 1:1 scale Lego Honda Civic Type R

We’ve seen life-sized Lego cars before but that doesn’t make this Lego Honda Civic any less incredible! This creation took over 1,300 working hours which is equivalent to roughly 54 days of Lego-building effort and concentration. Everything from the spokes on the wheels to the ‘H’ of the Honda logo is recreated in original Lego bricks to a 1:1 scale.

Life-Sized, 100% LEGO Honda Civic Type R 1

The car is comprised of 320,000 original lego bricks of various shapes, colours and sizes and with the hefty price of Lego, it probably costs more than the real Type R! The talented team went so far as to include transparent bricks for the front and rear lights. All-in-all, the plastic toy car weighs a whopping 1,300 kg meaning that for each hour of work put in, one kilogram of the Lego car was completed. Also, the 1,300 kg weight is almost the exact same as the real Honda Civic Type R, which weighs in at approximately 1,320 kg! So not only is this Lego replica accurate in terms of proportions and scale, but also in weight.

Although it may not be roadworthy, or capable of moving at all, the model does feature working lights. The headlights, daytime running lights, hazard/indicator lights, brake lights and reversing lights are all functional and can be controlled by an iPad. The lights shine through the transparent bricks which house the components, which is another testament to the builders’ great attention to detail and clever techniques.

Life-Sized, 100% LEGO Honda Civic Type R 2

The usage of clear bricks can also be seen in the Lego scale replica of the McLaren Senna, but the Lego Honda does something that the Lego McLaren failed to do. As you can see, the wheels of the McLaren are ordinary, real-life wheels whereas the Lego Civic features wheels that are 100% Lego, including the tyres, alloys, brake discs and callipers. This small detail is what makes this recreation that little bit more impressive than others we have seen. That being said, most of the interior of the Lego McLaren was recreated in the famous toy brick, something that the Civic lacks.

LEGO McLaren Senna rear 3

This Civic Type R was built by a team of 9 talented Lego experts and led by Ryan McNaught, who had this to say:

“We’ve loved the challenge of this project. The car is shaped with a considerable amount of curved lines, making it a tough but interesting build. From the working lights and indicators to intricate LEGO® Honda logos, the detail on the model has been a fun one for us to work on”

The team had particular trouble when creating the windshield wipers, due to their thinness and fragility, and the rear spoiler, which had to be built with supports. The car was built layer by layer from the ground up and the bricks are glued together and underneath the build, the pieces are supported by a steel frame.

Life-Sized, 100% LEGO Honda Civic Type R 4

This astonishing achievement was built in celebration of the Lego Masters event which happened a couple of days ago. The show includes a building competition between 8 skilled Lego builders and was hosted in Australia.

Honda Australia Director, Mr Stephen Collins said, “Honda is a company that is all about creativity and innovation so it’s great to support a family show that mirrors these ideals so well. Through LEGO® MASTERS we’ll see some of the dreams of the contestants, and also fans, come to life – we’re proud to be helping drive that.”

The amazing 1:1 scale Lego Civic Type R will be shown off throughout the month around Australia and if we’re lucky, it may end up in the UK one day! Let us know what you think of this ridiculous Lego feat in the comments!

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