Every year thousands of people sell their vehicle in hope to acquire the funds to purchase a new shiny and more glamorous vehicle, but most underestimate the depreciation their vehicle is exposed to.

Every car is exposed to some sort of “natural” depreciation on a yearly basis due to new models being released and their car “going out of style”. However, you also have a loss in a cars value due to damage caused to the car, this can be limited and controlled by the owner of the vehicle.

Keep it clean

car wash

This may sound crazy to the petrol heads out there but a Telegraph survey has revealed that three in four women and a third of men have never washed their car. Keeping your car clean and washing it when it starts to collect a layer of mud is the easiest way to make sure that your car keeps its value. We recommend cleaning the interior and exterior of your car once every 1-2 months to make sure that no stains are consistent in the seats or paint work. If you were to sell your vehicle in the future, no one will want to purchase a dirty car.

Drive responsibly

Driving car

This may also seem like an obvious one, but most people still drive like there is no tomorrow. Driving erratically speeds up the process of natural wear and tear on your vehicle and should be avoided at all costs unless required. Driving erratically includes taking hard turns, accelerating rapidly, sudden stops and insensible parking. There is no need to drive like a teenager again, so why do it? It could save you a lot of money in repairs in the future.

Up to date servicing

Oil change

Making sure that your vehicle is fully repaired and maintained is crucial in keeping your car at a reasonable value. This is where MotorEasy comes in.

MotorEasy provides their customers with their own personal engineer who monitors your vehicles service and makes sure that all the necessary work is carried out on the vehicle. Keeping your vehicle serviced and fully maintained could not be any easier with MotorEasy by your side.

Motoreasy provides car warranty & breakdown cover to protect your car, and GAP insurance to help replace it. They are experts in car servicing, maintenance and repairs for miles of hassle-free motoring. Click here to get a quote. 

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