When you try to think of iconic car brands, it’s amazing how many spring to mind! To celebrate National Manufacturing Day, we’ve tried our best to pick just five of the biggest and best around. Whether it’s for the quality of their models, brand history, overall reliability or just the fact that their logo has become a symbol of motoring greatness, these manufacturers have all deservedly made it onto our list.



Since 1903, Ford has been bringing us exciting new vehicles, starting out with the Model A. As a manufacturer, they are always one step ahead, looking for ways to produce amazing cars as quickly as possible. In fact, being the creator of the moving car assembly line allowed them to achieve this goal and get models completed in less than 30 seconds.

Mustang Boss 302

Perhaps the most iconic models are the Mustang, Escort and Fiesta, each special in its own unique way.

Ford Escort saloon



BMW have been making a range of luxury cars for almost 90 years, including the 507 muscle car, Z3 Roadster and i8 hybrid supercar. Even from this small selection you can see that there is plenty of variety on offer.

BMW 507

As one of the best-selling manufacturers, this German company now own Land Rover, MINI and Rolls Royce.


BMW is known for producing refined cars that handle like a dream and if a brand is good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for us!

BMW i8



Established in 1948, Honda is a younger brand but has grown to be one of the largest vehicle producers that is famous all over the globe.

Honda CR-V Black Edition

This Japanese manufacturer has a couple of incredibly popular models including the Acura, Civic and CR-V. Acura is their own dedicated luxury brand, launched in 1986 and Honda are now known for the unique kind of cars they produce.

Honda NSX



Toyota only got started in the late 50’s, however before long they were one of USA’s best-selling import brands, selling over a million in less than 20 years. This Asian manufacturer is synonymous with reliable and high quality vehicles with international appeal.

Toyota Prius

Their success has been helped massively by a few models such as the RAV4, Prius and especially the Corolla which went on to be the best passenger car in terms of sales, ever.

Toyota Corolla T-Sport



Nissan started in Japan in 1933 and now enjoys international fame. Taking over Datsun manufacture along the way, they have a string of ‘firsts’ under their belt. For example, the Nissan LEAF is the first ever mass-produced, all-electric, zero-emission vehicle.

Nissan Leaf

Their original off-roader was called the Patrol and the X-Trail has proved to be a big success also. American imports began in the 50’s and by 1975, Nissan was their most imported vehicle.

Nissan X-Trail

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