Say hello to the most overrated car ever, the Toyota Supra. Specifically, we’re talking about the mark 4 models. This motor is probably one of the most fiercely defended on the internet, with Supra loyalist swearing that none of the competition even comes close to what the mark 4 offers. We, on the other hand, believe this piece of Fast and Furious merchandise to be more overrated than the Mona Lisa.

However, it is hard to fault this excellent piece of engineering, boasting amazing reliability, robustness and strength. With the 6-speed manual transmission being able to handle supercar-level amounts of horsepower and the unyielding cast iron engine block, it’s no wonder it’s such a legend in the modding community and the car community as a whole. But with that said, it’s not perfect and has flaws that many choose to overlook.

So here are 5 reasons why the Toyota Supra is the most overrated car out there, in our opinion:

1. They’re awfully overpriced for what they are

5 Reasons the Toyota Supra is Overrated

Even though the car is about 25 years old (or older), some are still selling for £10,000-£20,000. It only costed somewhere around $40,000 in the US back when it was new in the 90s! On top of that, most of those who buy them often throw an extra £5,000-£15,000 or so on modifications (especially if you want to reach the legendary “1000hp”).

Yes, for sellers, it’s great because they hold their value very well, but for buyers, this car can be a complete money-consuming machine. Just think of all the modern cars that are available to buy for £30,000 that don’t have 100k miles on the clock or that “old car smell”. However, if you’ve got the cash and you’re into classics, it can easily be a good investment.

2. 1000 horsepower is nowhere near as great as it sounds

Toyota Supra engine

One reason this car is so legendary is because of its ability to handle over 1,000bhp, which is completely mindblowing. Although it is a remarkable feat, it’s not all joy and thrills, it’s mainly pain and bills. It’ll cost a lot of money to get any car to 1,000 horsepower as the car is not designed to handle that kind of explosive strength, and the Supra is unfortunately no exception.

A bigger clutch will be needed for a better drive which can cost £4000 alone, then the suspension and brakes need changing and some costly sticky tyres (which don’t work in the rain) will be necessary to properly handle the power. Furthermore, even after it’s all done, you’ll find the car is no longer the very pleasant driving experience it used to be. So what did you just spend all that money on?

3. It just looks old

Toyota Supra

Although the outstanding engineering is more-than-able to withstand the test of time, the appearance and aesthetic of the car is not. Sure it may be ticking well even with over 150,000 miles on the gage, but it still looks like it should have been left in the 90s. The overly smooth and circular design has the 90s written all over it and just feels like it lacks detail. Some body kits can give it an almost-modern looking facelift, but the plain shape of the body and basic looking lights are hard to hide. Of course, if you’re into the 90s aesthetic, this is the car for you, but if not, the same amount of money can get you a newer, more modern auto.

The interior is not so bad as its unique and innovative design still stands out today, but unless the masses of plastic are concealed, it could be standing out for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, this is not one of the cars that still look modern today.

4 It’s not a real sports car, it’s a GT

5 Reasons the Toyota Supra is Overrated

First of all, it’s really heavy. Around 3,400 lbs of heavy. A weight of 1.7 tonnes is closer to the average luxury coupe than it is to what this so-called “sports car” should be. Before it’s altered with a collection of messy modifications, the Supra is very pleasant to drive with great power, braking, smooth steering, endurance and economy. It has 4 seats, a front engine and a boot at the back, all signs of a great GT car. Those who call it a sports car are grasping at straws, trying to make this superb Grand Tourer something it’s not.

5. It’s completely overhyped

5 Reasons the Toyota Supra is Overrated

Hype from where you may ask? Let’s just say ever since a certain racing film showcased a particular orange Supra in some crazy stunts that has been burned into the minds of millions, this car coincidentally started selling like hot cakes. Since the film, countless replicas of the iconic Fast and Furious car have been attempted, some of them ending up looking like a high schooler’s class project or a large scale Hot Wheels car.

This great hype has led to inflated prices of a car that’s decades old and a whole industry for very overpriced aftermarket modifications that will turn this ultra-reliable Japanese car, into something that spends more time “in the shop” then on your drive. Furthermore, the myth of “the 1000 horsepower Supra” is nothing more than a dream. Unless you have tens of thousands of pounds ready to be spent, it’s just not realistic. When you say you own a Supra, people’s minds will rush to the movie prop rather than the reality of what it is. Sure, it’s a decent car, but this motor’s hype has been blown way out of proportion.

However, with all of that said, the Toyota Supra has become an unforgettable icon within the car world and has thousands of fans across the globe. Yes, it’s ridiculously overrated but we can’t deny the fact that we would still love to have one in the garage to relive those Fast and Furious dreams!

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  1. Bobby Brown

    And the most underrated car from 90s JDM is the 94-96 4th generation Honda Prelude VTEC …it is a super fun car to drive.

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