When it comes to purchasing a new car, do you look for the most beautiful model, the cheapest choice, or is it reliability that will win you over? Just Tyres reveal the most and least reliable car models, as well as the cost to repair them.


Based on our sponsor; Warranty Direct’s reliability index, Just Tyres ranked 323 car models to show the most and least reliable as well as how much they will cost you to repair. But, which car can you rely on to get you across the finish line?

The top 10 most reliable cars and the cost to repair them:

10. Mazda MX-5 – £194.76

9. Citroen C1 – £256.08

8. Honda Jazz – £394.95

7. Nissan Almera Tino – £168.83

6. Mercedes-Benz CLC – £202.24

5. Hyundai Getz – £400.92

4. Hyundai i10 – £234.84

3. Vauxhall Agila – £115.90

2. Mitsubishi Lancer – £69.30

1. Toyota iQ – £223.94

The top 10 least reliable cars and the cost to repair them:

10. BMW M5 – £823.37

9. Aston Martin DB9 – £1584.73

8. Nissan GT-R – £3516.01

7. Maserati Granturismo – £927.83

6. Mercedes-Benz GL – £559.83

5. Bentley Continental GT – £634.77

4. Mercedes-Benz R-Class – £464.61

3. Citroen C6 – £411.34

2. BMW M3 – £655.47

1. Audi Q7 – £731.35

So, does reliability cost? According to the piece, the top 10 most reliable cars are all cheaper to repair than the least reliable. To spare you parting with your cash, the car to get is the Mitsubishi Lancer which comes in as the most affordable car and the second most reliable.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Other cars that placed in the top 10 most reliable list – but were much more expensive to fix – were the Hyundai Getz and the Honda Jazz.

The Hyundai Getz is the 5th most reliable car in the list, but the average price to repair is not so attractive at £400.92. The Honda Jazz ranks as the 8th most reliable car but it’s repair price follows closely behind at £394.95.

Hyundai Getz

Honda Jazz

The cars to avoid, that are the most expensive to repair and the least reliable, include the Maserati Granturismo, the Nissan GT-R and the Aston Martin DB9.

All of them take places in the bottom 10 reliability rankings, placing 7th, 8th and 9th respectively, and have average repair costs of over £900. Although they are the most expensive cars to fix, they do not take bottom spot; the most unreliable car in the race is the Audi Q7. Dubbed Audi’s ‘mighty flagship SUV’ this unreliable number will set you back £731.35 to repair.

maserati granturismo sport special edition

Aston Martin DB9

The most expensive car to repair is the Nissan GT-R, with an average cost of £3,516.01.

That’s over 50 times the cost of the Mitsubishi Lancer, and still £1,000 more than the top 10 most reliable car repair costs put together.

Nissan GT-R

How do you know which car makes to trust when considering your next vehicle splurge?

Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan appear in both the most reliable and least reliable top 10 lists, but Hyundai is the only car make to appear twice in the top 10 most reliable list.

Hyundai i10

The ‘Race for Reliability’ reveals that beauty costs, not reliability, as the likes of Aston Martin, Maserati and Bentley feature in the 10 most unreliable cars. Find out more by viewing the ‘Race for Reliability’ graphic for yourself here.

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