At the back-end of October, the plug was pulled on Vine – the six-second video-sharing app that had, for a brief amount of time, taken the world of social media by storm.

The app let anyone and everyone with a smartphone create a new video, literally with a single touch, and since launching in 2013, it has spawned more than 39 million individual clips.

However, Twitter, which owns the app, will soon bolt the door shut to new content but even then, the website and app will continue to host existing videos, for posterity y’know.

It’s kind of a shame because the platform has been responsible for creating some amazing videos for the typical petrolhead.

So as a lasting homage to the soon-to-be-dead app, we’ve picked out the most outrageous and hilarious Vines that ever were…

Get out my car

An unruly and probably unqualified teen pretends to drive her mum’s car. Only when mother catches wind, her rebellious ruse is quickly quashed. Awww.

Jesus, get out me car

Here she is again (sort of) in a silly double-whammy of lols.

Firestarter Lambo

There’s a lesson for all of us here: don’t rev your Lambo near a row of bushes.


Dodging a car is the same as dodging a ball, apparently, as Vine star Logan Paul acrobatically avoids a number of cars. Only he doesn’t because this supposedly extreme exercise in dodgeball practice is faker than Michael Jackson’s nose. It’s still pretty entertaining though.

Jumping cars, saving cats

If you want to suspend disbelief for another six seconds, that same nutter is also a bit of an animal hero. After hurdling a few speeding cars, he spots a helpless kitty in the central reservation and whisks it off to safety in a furry variation on American Football. Touchdown, indeed.

BatDad in a 911 GT3

What does everyone’s favourite billionaire superhero drive when the Batmobile is off the road? A blindingly bright 911 GT3, of course.

Lost car

We’ve all been there: you enter the multi-storey car park and you’ve completely forgotten where you parked your car. You wander the various different floors, manically pressing your key fob in the hope that you hear your car unlock until…

Inside a Hot Wheels car

Ever think what the guy in a toy car is going through? In the hands of even a mildly excited toddler, he’s going at what must feel a million miles an hour, experiencing several heads-on collisions every minute. This Vine reveals the disturbing reality of the life of a toy car driver.

Have we missed any amazing car-related Vines? Which were your favourite clips? Let us know in the comments below…

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