This body style is incredibly versatile and has so many advantages over other options. We’ve picked out some of our favourite hatchbacks and the best reasons to get a hatch, to help you decide if one is right for you.

1. VW Up!

VW Up!

A city car that is cheap to run and easy to drive, the quirky ‘Up!’ is the tiniest VW yet and has a real premium feel. Steering and controls have been kept light to help it negotiate busy, narrow roads.

Plenty of space for passengers and cargo

With the back seats folded down, you have plenty of space for almost all your needs in a hatchback. The unique shape of hatchbacks also makes loading and unloading easier than most other cars, as well as providing plenty of headroom.

2. Kia Soul

Kia Soul

High quality, spacious and fun to drive, this affordable hatchback has superb interior and questionable exterior styling.

Ideal for parking and driving in a busy city

A hatchback is generally a smaller car, making parking a breeze, especially with the flatter back and reduced bonnet size. You find yourself reversing into spaces by choice, as the visibility and turning circle make this a simple task. Being smaller and more maneuverable makes nipping through traffic easier – that’s why so many popular hatchbacks are sold as ‘City’ cars.

3. VW Golf 2017

Volkswagen Golf 2017

This is one of the very best hatchbacks around and among the best-sellers in the UK. Or you can go for the awesome Golf GTI, the original hot hatchback, that perfectly combines speed, comfort and fun.

Unique style

Hatches are considered by many to be more stylish than sedans, because of the rakish angle and sleek lines. They also come in a fantastic range of colours compared to other types of vehicle and have a really distinctive look, with some specific nameplates only available as hatchbacks.

4. Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube

With its SUV-like storage capacity and a quirky design, the Cube is unlike any other hatch on the market!

Strong resale value

Resale values are typically better for hatchbacks, with cars like the Mini Cooper expected to retain over 58% of its value after 3 years, which is impressive compared to the 35% industry average. These smaller compact cars tend to be more affordable to begin with too.

5. Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S

The Cooper S is attention grabbing with impeccable assembly quality and once you start driving it, you feel as though it’s much bigger can than it really is.

Driving experience and efficiency

Bigger windows mean better visibility, most noticeably out of the back since the window is less sloped. Hatches suit first time drivers and families well as they are easy to drive, comfortable and handles well. Also, most hatchbacks boast excellent economy and maintenance costs.

6. Peugeot 308

Peugeot 308 GTI

The compact 308 is cheap to run and has a 5-star crash test rating, making it perfect for families. Boot space is generous and this popular Peugeot is remarkably comfortable.

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