Some of the largest car collections owned by the wealthiest people on Earth

There are car collectors out there that are so rich, they’ll consider a Ferrari 812 Superfast to be a daily driver, a car that exceeds the cost of the average house in the UK. If you think Floyd Mayweather is rich because he owns 30 cars, think again.

From classics to modern supercars to American muscle cars to super rare concept cars, these ultra-wealthy car collectors seem to have it all. They may not be as famous and well-known as celebrity collectors like Jay Leno or Ralph Lauren but they sure are a lot richer! Here are just a handful of some of the richest car collectors that seemed to have slipped under the radar.

Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

Not only one of the richest car collectors to exist, this guy is also one of the most interesting. His taste in cars is odd because, simply put, he likes them as big as they come. A literal example of this is his very own gigantic Jeep which stands at 21 feet tall and is also drivable. He also created a huge Dodge truck, eight times larger than the standard Dodge Powerwagon, which our very own Jeremy Clarkson got to see during his interview with the Sheikh.

Many of his vehicles are stored in his very own pyramid outside of Abu Dhabi. This strange pyramid is also open to the public free of charge, which is rather nice.

One interesting story is that in 1983, he apparently bought seven Mercedes 500 SEL’s, one for each day of the week. They were then painted in seven different colours and the interiors were made to match.

Although he’s one of the richest, his car collection only includes around 200-300 vehicles which when compared to some other collectors, isn’t actually all that much.

Luigi Compiano

The Duemila Route Collection is made up of around 423 cars, 155 motorcycles, 140 bicycles and 55 racing boats, all formerly owned by business tycoon Luigi Compiano who made his money in the security sector. Unfortunately for him, his tax evasion eventually caught up with him and the Italian government confiscated all of the vehicles in his collection and sold them at auction.

The Richest Car Collectors

The car that sold for the most from this collection was a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/6C that sold for $3,618,227!

Ion Tiriac

The Richest Car Collectors

This Romanian businessman was once a very successful tennis player and then, a very successful ice hockey player. He’s won 23 tennis titles, played ice hockey in the Olympics in 1964 and also founded his own private bank, which is where he made most of his wealth. Said to be worth around $1.1 billion, Tiriac has more than enough money to fund his ridiculous car collection.

Tiriac’s car collection is so large that he’s filled a museum full of them and opened it up to the public. If you happen to find yourself in Bucharest, Romania, paying a visit to the Tiriac Collection is certainly worth it.

Featuring a wide range of stunning cars, old and new. From an 1899 Hurtu to a Ferrari LaFerrari, Tiriac’s range of cars is around 250 large and seems to have a bit of everything.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

The Richest Car Collectors

Known as the richest car collector on Earth, this Sultan not only has endless wealth at his disposal but also some of the rarest cars ever made. Said to be worth around $20 billion, Hassanal Bolkiah has been the sovereign ruler of Brunei (a small Asian country that borders with Malaysia) since taking over from his father in 1967.

The Richest Car Collectors

In his collection is a BMW Nazca M12, a concept car that was never meant to be sold, that is, until ol’ Bolkiah laid his eyes on it and asked BMW to produce one for him for what we imagine to be an obscene amount of money.

The Richest Car Collectors

Other rare cars in his collection include a Ferrari Mythos, the top-secret Ferrari F90 Testarossa, Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari 456 GT Venice, Mercedes Benz CLK GTR and Porsche 959. And that’s just the beginning.

Although you’ve probably heard of him before, you can’t talk about rich car collectors without mentioning the richest of them all!

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