The UK has some of the best places for a road-tripper to explore and whether you are planning to journey around in a van or a car, we have the ultimate guide to ensure your tour is the best it can be.

Trip planning

Before you even start sorting out accommodation and booking tickets to attractions, you’ll first need to check that your vehicle is in fact up to the challenge. You might be gone for just a couple of days or go on an epic trip that last for weeks, either way you’ll want to get back home with a car or van that is still in one piece.

Having a mechanic check everything over before you leave means that any issues can be fixed locally, which is preferable to being stranded at the side of an unfamiliar road waiting to be rescued.

Things that need to be in top condition include the oil and other fluids, so ensure they are topped up and have some spare in the car just in case. Also worth getting checked are the tyres, brakes, wipers, lights, belts and hoses. Once these are all sorted you’re good to go!


Where you stop along the way really does depend on how long you plan to be away from home and your personal interests; are you looking for big cities, rugged countryside, historic sites or a coastal getaway? Whatever you crave, you are sure to find it as the UK may be relatively small but it is certainly varied.

A couple of highlights for your UK car or van tour:

van coast


scotland road

Driving in Scotland is like travelling through history or an epic film set – a must for Harry Potter fans – and along the way you can visit Loch Ness and Ben Nevis too.

windmirror view

Scotland’s countryside is perhaps the prettiest in the whole of the UK, and if you’re lucky enough to avoid the typical Scottish weather, the sights are truly beautiful where you can be one with nature.

Northern Ireland

ireland road

The stunning Irish coast is hugely popular for birdwatchers and of course you have the stunning Giant’s Causeway as well as Gobbins Cliff Path.

Giant’s Causeway

With great roads, great scenery and even better company, there really is nowhere like Northern Ireland.


The scenery of the Brecon Beacons is hard to beat and mountain roads offer spectacular views, with the A470 being a highly recommended route along the park’s east.

motorhome mountains

Wales has the highest mountain ranges in the UK and none higher than Snowdon. With Brecon Beacons and Snowdon, Wales is definitely the place if mighty mountains are what you’re after. The countryside isn’t bad either.


South of England

Down here you’re most likely to enjoy the best that the British weather has to offer, and some of the best beaches in the UK to enjoy the weather.

Brighton beach

Brighton and Bournemouth to name just a couple of popular destinations that offer seaside charm and if its ancient castles you are after, Hastings can also be found down the South.

Hastigs Castle

Wherever you choose to travel to and however you plan to get there, we are confident that the sights and activities of the UK will not disappoint as they really are a dream for anyone who loves driving.

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