What is a ricer car? Well it isn’t easy to pinpoint a definitive meaning, but generally it relates to vehicles that have been modified in such a way that they more like a Japanese street racer, without touching the engine or in any way enhancing performance. Here is a round up of the five most common ricer cars and some of the inventive modifications their owners apply.


Honda S2000

The Honda Civic has to be the number one stereotype when you hear the term ‘Ricer Car’ and you can barely go a day without seeing one of these ‘special’ creations.

1997 Honda Civic RC

Most common among the modifications that the Civic lends itself so well to are headlight and taillight conversions, of the Lexus and Skyline GTR variety. Team these with a wide body kit, adorned with nitrous stickers, and you have yourself a race-ready rice rocket, just don’t expect to actually win…


Toyota Camry

Toyotas are a favourite among the Fast and Furious enthusiasts and de-badged Camry SE’s are often chopped and changed with wild spoilers and blacked out lights. Everyone knows that making your car look more aggressive is of paramount importance, regardless of its effect on performance.


Chevrolet Cavalier

Chevy’s offer the ricer a whole lot to play with; they may not be designed to go particularly fast, but that shouldn’t stop you trying to create the illusion of speed. A Cavalier just isn’t complete without a fake rear diffuser, large rims and a totally ‘not just for show’ roof scoop. Throw in a carbon fiber bonnet and a garish colour scheme and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Dodge Neon

Moving onto the Neon now, a modder’s paradise with raw potential just waiting to be beaten down by ludicrous body kits, not forgetting a dual exhaust, advanced auto wing and a delightful interior paint job. We understand, you don’t want your Neon looking like every other one out there, so the only option is to deck it out with additional extras until its totally unrecognizable.


Hyundai Coupe Tiburon

Riced Hyundai’s are a common sight and they are hard to miss when their interiors are glowing with night-club inspired LED’s. Wish you had a WRX but have only a Sonata to hand? All you need is the wing and a new blue paintjob and you’re well on your way to living the Subaru dream; remember to add a set of gleaming gold wheels for that final flourish!

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