Our top picks for the biggest car fails of 2019

We’ve seen many interesting cars come out this year, from the new gorgeous Peugeot 208, to the BMW 3 Series and even a brand new Ferrari called the SF90. All in all, we’d say that this year has been very good when it comes to new car releases, but that’s not saying that there hasn’t been some bad eggs.

These bad eggs range from ‘yeah that’s kind of ugly’ to ‘what the hell were the designers thinking?’ and we’ll let you judge them for yourselves. So here are some of the not so gorgeous cars that were released or announced this year.

Bugatti Centodieci

Ugliest Cars of 2019 - Bugatti Centodieci (1)

We’ll start off with a big one and what bigger car is there than the Bugatti Centodieci? This is the only supercar on our list because this was the only ugly one that was announced to us this year.

The Centodieci is a super-limited production hypercar with a price tag of around £9 million. Only 10 of them will be produced (thank God!) and each one of them is packing a serious punch. With an 8.0-litre engine that produces 1,578 bhp, we imagine this car to be capable of some serious performance figures. Not only does it have 78 bhp more than the Chiron, but it is also 20 kg lighter!

So it’s more powerful, lighter and one more thing… uglier! Who would have thought a £9 million car could look so cheap? It is clear that the people in charge of designing this car are big fans of Hot Wheels and are all 9 years of age. Perhaps that’s Bugatti’s strategy – to appeal to the youth and capture their admiration for Bugatti cars early. No matter how smart their strategy may be, the fact is that as of right now, this car is a bold choice of design and the excessive amount of vents and holes certainly won’t appeal to everyone. What do you think?

Ford Puma

2019 Ford Puma ST Line (3)

That’s right! If you haven’t already heard, the Ford Puma is returning but not as the affordable sports car that it once was. Instead, it will follow the current trend of today’s car industry and become everyone’s favourite type of car. A fake SUV.

Sorry, a crossover SUV is what we mean.

2019 Ford Puma ST Line (1)

The car itself is actually quite intersting. It has a mild hybrid engine for better performance and fuel consumption and also has a plastic boot that has a plug at the bottom of it for easy drainage. Still, it’s rather ugly, even more so than the original Puma.

BMW X7 and 7 Series saloon

BMW 740d xDrive (10)

Another example of a car (or two cars in this case) that has divided opinions. BMW’s iconic kidney grilles are unfortunately being changed for the worse. They’ve become larger, more plastic-looking and they have also been joined together.

The new X7 SUV and 7 Series feature a grille so large that it has become a meme.

Here’s a picture of the X6 SUV next to the X7.

See the problem? BMW now believe that the bigger the grille, the more luxurious the car. Let’s just hope that this trend doesn’t take over the whole BMW product portfolio – then again, perhaps it’s too late. Just look at the new BMW 4 Series concept.

Ugliest Cars of 2019 - BMW 4 Series concept (2)

Hyundai Kona Electric

Ugliest Cars of 2019 - Hyundai Kona Electric (3)

The Kona Electric offers a decent electric range for its price, as well as too much plastic bodywork and a grille-less front. Plastic wheel arches are fairly commonplace but the way that Hyundai has decided to incorporate them into their Kona Electric is simply unacceptable.

Not only does the plastic stretch upwards from the wheel arch into the body, but the rear wheel arch also joins the back with a sweeping line of cheap plastic that merges into the rear lights.

Ugliest Cars of 2019 - Hyundai Kona Electric (4)

Thick plastic side skirts, wheel arches and bumpers make for a very cheap-looking car, which is unfortunate as the Kona Electric is a well-respected car for what it is.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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