With the impending doom of diesel, rise of autonomous technology and the government’s plan to ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, it’s safe to say we are currently going through the biggest motoring shake-up in our lifetime. So, with that in mind, are we ready to ditch our petrol powered cars for something alternatively fueled or even self-driving? 

According to a survey conducted by Aviva on in-car technology and innovations in motoring, 1 in 5 drivers would buy a self-driving car as their next car.

The survey, which collected data from over 2000 UK drivers, gives us an overall view of how we perceive the incoming changes and whether we’re ready to move away from our fossil fuel powered cars?

According to the survey:

  • 68% still plan to choose petrol power for their next car
  • 21% are expected to buy a diesel powered car
  • 10% are willing to buy a hybrid
  • Only 2% plan to get a fully electric car *

With an underwhelming 12% of people who are willing to purchase hybrid or electric, we think it’s safe to say that we aren’t quite ready for change for the time being.

As for the other 88%, the table below explains their reasons on why they wouldn’t consider a hybrid or electric for their next car:

Reasons for not considering an electric /

hybrid vehicle for next purchase:

High purchase price 55%
Limited range 44%
Length of time to charge 39%
Fear of being stranded 33%
Performance compared to petrol/diesel vehicles 19%

It’s clear to see that the main issues are around the battery, limited range, charge length and fear of being stranded are all issues surrounding the battery. With electric and hybrid technology improving by the day, I’m sure we will see these figures starting to decline.

Autonomous cars

We are getting closer and closer to autonomous technology, with most new cars nowadays coming with a certain level of self-driving features, and 74% of motorists using in-car tech or gadgets while driving. But how do we feel about owning a completely autonomous car?

Reasons for not wanting to use a

driverless vehicle:

Reasons for wanting to use a driverless


I would rather be in control 42% I think that roads will be safer 49%
I wouldn’t trust the tech 41% I will be able to do other things while travelling 26%
I don’t understand enough about them 9% It’s an exciting development in tech 18%
I’d be concerned about being on the roads with non-driverless cars 7% I don’t like driving 7%

Following this intriguing survey, the Head of Digital Innovation Operations of Aviva had the following to say:

“As with any new technology, there is some nervousness about driverless cars, but many drivers admit this is because they don’t know enough about them, so any concerns will inevitably wane over time. Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, so it will be fascinating to see whether consumer adoption will match.”


*Due to rounding, percentages associated with different vehicle types (for next purchases) total 101%.

For more info on Aviva and their article on the tech that’s making our roads safer, head over to www.aviva.co.uk/car-insurance/motor-advice/safe-driving

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