As time goes on, the art of car wrapping is becoming increasingly popular across the world, whether it’s for personal cars or marketing campaigns. When it comes to the design of a wrap, the only limitation you have is the shape of the car.

If you are indecisive or change your mind 6 months down the line and want to update the design of your car, it’s as simple as going back to your specialist, taking off the old and putting on the new!

The only slightly frustrating thing about car wraps is that they only last around 6 years, depending on the brand of wrap you choose.

With the possibilities being pretty much endless when it comes to wrapping, we have picked out 4 of our favorite wraps to date!

Holographic Audi R8 – Impressive Wrap

Holographic Audi R8

Although the holographic wrap on this Audi R8 is slightly garish, we can’t help but love it! The shattered glass effect is really unusual and is definitely one that catches your eye, which makes us wonder if this is entirely road legal!

Holographic Audi R8

Mini Cooper – FHM

FHM Mini Cooper

We couldn’t miss out the FHM Mini Cooper! Yes, it is pretty raunchy but you have to give it to the designers who created this as the curves of the mini work perfectly!

As a marketing campaign it is also incredibly effective but maybe a little distracting if you can only see it in your rear mirror!

Bugatti Veyron – Epson

Epson Bugatti Veyron

Perhaps not the most visually appealing design on our list, in fact it’s fair to say there’s a log going on! However,  it is certainly one of the most impressive.

The idea behind the design was to showcase what is possible with wrapping as opposed to traditional paintwork and we think it’s fair  to say that goal has been achieved.

Epson Bugatti Veyron

Copenhagen Zoo “Snake” Bus

Zoo snake bus

The Copenhagen Zoo Bus is one of the most memorable and creative designs that we have ever seen.

Taking design to the next level, the snake on this bus looks unbelievably realistic almost as though it’s ready to eat it’s next victim!

Zoo snake bus

If you have the cash to splash and fancy a change, car wrapping in our opinion is awesome.

With almost limitless options, you can have a completely unique vehicle.

Already have your car wrapped? We want to see it! Get in touch via our social media accounts.

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