The new Mercedes electric SUV isn’t quite as amazing as the Model X, but still impressive

Can Mercedes’s new electric SUV dethrone the Tesla Model X? Is the new Merc better? The short answer is, in most ways, no. However, the brand new Mercedes EQC does have its strengths and could be considered superior in many ways.

We’ll break it down for you comparing lots of important aspects of what makes a luxury SUV great and you can decide which one of these wheeled-castles come out on top.

Here are some of the stats

Mercedes EQC Tesla Model X
0-60mph time ~5 seconds

6 – 2.8 seconds

Top speed

112 mph 155 mph


~400 hp

671 hp

Torque 564 lb-ft

713 lb-ft


~5346 lbs / 2425 kg

~5400 lbs / 2,450 kg

Starting price






Seats available

5 seats

5, 6 or 7 seats


4761 mm

5052 mm


1884 mm

1999 mm

Height 1624 mm

1684 mm

Price comparison

The first thing you’re going to look at before you even think of buying one of these beauties is the price. The Tesla Model X starts at prices of around £76,000 and the EQC is considerably cheaper, rumoured to start from around £55,000. This price is not only significantly lower than that of the Model X, but also lower than the Jaguar I-Pace’s £63,000 price tag.

Mercedes EQC Better Than Tesla's Model X 1

However, you’ve got to also consider that the Model X has already been out for a number of years, meaning you can find them for much less than £76,000 on the used market.


Mercedes EQC Better Than Tesla's Model X 2

Another key fact that’s at the top of the priority list is the range. How far can each of these cars travel before they run out of battery? The Tesla has a range of around 220 miles (in real life driving conditions) if you opt for the standard battery. However, if you go for the 100D or P100D models you’ll enjoy a range of well over 300 miles.

Mercedes EQC Better Than Tesla's Model X 3

The Mercedes EQC, on the other hand, is said to have a range of around 250 miles according to trusted testing body WLTP’s estimates. We currently don’t know how many model versions there will be, so for all we know the EQC could have even more range in more expensive models.


Now onto the fun stuff. Which car looks cooler? The Model X features those fancy gullwing doors and a rather sleek shape that isn’t too dissimilar from the Model S luxury saloon.

Mercedes EQC Better Than Tesla's Model X 4

The Mercedes EQC is more rounded and almost bulbous in its design. But one great thing about the EQC’s appearance is that it just looks like a normal car. In fact, it tries so hard to look like an ICE car that it even has fake air vents at the front, as well as an unnecessary grille. Still, it’s not trying to stand out as one of those attention-seeking EVs such as the BMW i3 or the Nissan Leaf. The EQC just looks like a gorgeous SUV and will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Mercedes EQC Better Than Tesla's Model X 5

The EQC’s interior, again, looks great but not too strange. Other than the piano black centre column, the interior feels luxurious, quality and incredibly modern.

Mercedes EQC Better Than Tesla's Model X 6

The Model X features a typically Tesla-looking interior. A minimal amount of buttons and a very large screen which looks incredible. They tend to keep things simple and it usually works well. Which do you think looks nicer?

Mercedes EQC Better Than Tesla's Model X 7

Release date

The “Mercedes-Benz EQC400 4MATIC” is set to be released early 2019, but will be officially revealed at the Paris motor show October 2018.

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