The Frankfurt Motor Show is in full swing. It’s the last big blow-out of the year for major car manufacturers to show off their forthcoming models and latest innovations.

We told you about some of the cars worth keeping an eye out for ahead of the event’s opening and after racking up several kilometres traipsing the halls, we’ve pulled together shots of the cars that caught our eye more than others.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

This new 1,000bhp+ hypercar will be capable of matching the pace of an F1 car, hitting 125mph from a standstill in six seconds.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Reaching half that speed in that amount of time is plenty of pull for most people, but here we are with a truly staggering car. It boasts active aerodynamics to help cut drag in the straights too.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Mercedes-AMG G63 Exclusive Edition

Mercedes-AMG G63 Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Our love for the G-Wagon remains unabashed and this special edition model will bring production of the original model to a suitable end in style.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Mercedes X Class Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

It may be little more than a fancy Navara, but that doesn’t mean the X-Class doesn’t fill us with want.

Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

The Aspark Owl may sound like something you’re more likely to hear about on BBC’s Autumnwatch than BBC’s Top Gear but with a claimed 0-60mph sprint of under two seconds, we’re thinking Monty Python instead. That kind of pace is more absurd than anything to emerge from the minds of Cleese and co. but we hope Aspark – a mysterious Japanese company – can deliver.

Audi Aicon

Audi Aicon Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

The new A8 was Audi’s headline car going into Frankfurt but this stunning concept was what everyone was talking about on the actual stand.

Naturally, it’s luxurious (with first-class style seating) electric (with a claimed range of 497 miles) and, of course, it’s autonomous.

Audi Aicon Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

However, the Aicon (don’t call it the ‘Aircon’) puts a spin on the self-driving idea by doing away with the steering wheel and pedals altogether in a bid to erase the stress of driving. For some, it may be creating a new worry: the stress of not being able to do anything if the car goes doolally.

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Lighter, quicker and more luxurious than ever, the new Continental GT looks like it will live up to Bentley’s claims of it being the ‘definitive luxury grand tourer’.

BMW Z4 Concept

BMW Z4 Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

The long-awaited second-gen roadster is shaping up to be something special, especially that menacing back-end.

BMW Z4 Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Entry-level Ferrari or not, the Portofino remains a feast for the eyes.

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

We’ve already raved at length over the drop-top Aventador S, and it is simply stunning in the metal.

Mini Electric Concept

MINI Electric concept Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Mini has revisited the idea of a battery-powered hatch and considering the progress made with plug-ins since, there’s a much stronger chance this effort could reach showrooms this time.

Mini JCW GP Concept

Mini JCW GP Concept Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

It’s the angriest looking Mini yet and we really hope it goes into production.

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

This third-gen SUV has ditched the diesel for now but we still love the look of this mould-breaking luxury mudplugger.

Smart Vision EQ Concept

Smart Vision EQ concept Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Smart cars are crazy at the best of times and the bonkers dial has been cranked right up for this concept.

Smart Vision EQ concept Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

It imagines what would constitute a Smart Fortwo in 2030 and as you’d imagine, it’s fully electric, fully autonomous and is designed exclusively for car sharing. Gotta love that bubble look though.

Which cars have taken your fancy? Tell us down there in the comments.

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