In best football commentator cliche speak, The Nationals was a show of two halves this year. Not just because of the coming together of the modified and hotrod scenes but due to the weather too. Saturday was wet, rainy and generally depressing with a subdued atmosphere but on Sunday we were over the moon when clouds parted and the sun shone brightly enough to quash the giant collective hangover from the night before leaving no-one feeling as sick as a parrot, Brian.

One of the new Players BMWs

It all began like this; wet cars, grey skies and a very subdued atmosphere for what is usually a very upbeat show.

A very wet Peterborough Showground

A very wet Peterborough Showground

Everyone was looking for somewhere to avoid the rain.

Everyone took shelter

Slacking Off

But fortunately, there were plenty of indoor areas to explore with some of the country’s best show cars.

The main hall is always busy when it's raining

It's all about the details with show cars

Top show cars on display

Dodo Juice VW Polo

Last year saw the addition of the Hot Rod and Custom American Car Show and it was back this year, bigger and better.

Hot Rod parking pass

Another stunning hot rod

Incredible hot rod

Custom truck

Sweet Mustang

Finding hot rods like this tucked away in barns seems quite fitting.

Amazing hot rods tucked away in cattle sheds

Expect to see more of this particular rat rod soon.

Rat Rod

Sunday came and so did the blue sky, bringing with a lot more visitors.

Faye on the PD stand

While Faye got the Performance Direct stand ready, everyone else was washing yesterdays mud off their cars.

Motor-Vision 9763

1000 cars, 1 hose, no drain!

Muddy split rims are such a pain to clean!

Well, almost everyone…

Someone didn't get the memo

Classic pickup

Huge American Semi

PD Girl Hayley

Tidy yellow Skyline

Sunny Sunday at The Nationals

I Love Hatters?

And to wrap things up, what’s a car show with out the Performance Direct girls?

PD Girl Hayley and her Vette

PD Girls Michaela and Faye

PD Girl Faye



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