Where to start? There was so much going on it was hard to try and see everything all in the one day! PVS as usual was completely booked out and we can see why.


From the early hours traders had their pitches set waiting for the influx of to flood through the Santa Pod gates. Slowly but surely the show cars also began making their way to each of the pitches, such as the Fast Car magazine’s stand which had six quality show cars.

Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show

A Corsa-C and a Corsa VXR were very popular with the crowds and understandably why. The Corsa-C was sporting a fully custom beige interior with Porsche Design 90, which had been diamond cut and polished to bring out the shine. The Corsa VXR had a set of Ferrari 348 wheels, again polished to a mirror-like finish and sitting low on air suspension.

Performance Vauxhall Show

The track also saw a lot of action and there was a queue to get on track from start till finish! Everyone had a go, from the standard road going Corsa SRi to the track prepped Turbo’d Corsa B. Even the older Vauxhalls had their play time on track, such as this MKII Astra GSi.

Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show

Still track-side, the road-legal drag car which is Red Victor 3 also hit the ground, shredding the tarmac with some killer times! RV3 has an 8.8L, 539ci Chevy V8 which has 2 custom built turbos, doing a quarter mile in 6 seconds.

Ready …

Performance Vauxhall Show

… Steady …

Performance Vauxhall Show

… Go!

Performance Vauxhall Show

The Fire Force team also made an appearance as always on track, filling out both the Grand Stand and the adjacent hill with crowds awaiting the quarter killer to blow their ear drums. Annihilating the quarter miles is what the FireForce team do best – with its engine sound ripping through the crowds as it does so!

Performance Vauxhall Show

The Total Vauxhall stand towered over the show and for those lucky enough to see from the balcony the view was amazing. The show ground was completely packed out with a variety of club stands, show cars and traders.

Performance Vauxhall Show

Line-up of the Vauxhall Astra 888

Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show

Laurence Hannan won the Power & Style Award which was hosted in association with SFS Performance. His Vauxhall Cavalier MKII has been brought to life with a C20LET engine and fresh bodywork – well done!

Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show

Performance Direct were also present with their promo girls handing out their £25 insurance vouchers. We also couldn’t resist having a mini photo-shoot whilst they had a few moments spare.

Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall ShowPerformance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show 

Vauxhall Monaro with a very clean engine bay – what a beast!

Performance Vauxhall Show Performance Vauxhall Show


Track shots:

PVS-35 PVS-34 PVS-32 PVS-30 PVS-22 PVS-20 PVS-15 PVS-70

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