“Quality over quantity” – a phrase that isn’t used much anymore. People love quantity which usually means that the quality is lost, not here. The organisers over at Players have pulled out all the stops to ensure that only the best metal takes center stage at their show.


Now, don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of people present and it is by far the busiest I have seen this show get in the few years that I have been attending. Year on year it just improves, with more and more people travelling a far distance to be able to show off their pride and joys.

Citroen C2

Take this Audi S4, aired-out on Rotiform’s forged 3-piece concave TMB wheels, it made the trip all the way from Estonia! This wasn’t the only car either, there were a few different VAG cars that had made the trip from all across Europe to make it here.

Audi S4

Players has predominantly been all about the VAG Scene, so anything made by VW, Audi, Skoda, BMW and so forth. But with the scene expanding and different car cultures mixing together, new scenes are being born!

VW Polo 6N2

Take this stunning Hillman Imp, which has been delicately lowered on a set of Ronal Deep Dish wheels, still sporting all of its original touches.

Hillman Imp Hillman Imp

Along with the old school Hillman, this classic Volkswagen had been placed at the front of the main hanger. The lustful Karman Ghia has been completely restored, with a few “modern-day” touches, such as the sump-scrapping ride height, engine modifications and interior touches.

Karman Ghia

Going back to the diversity of the show, alongside the German, Scandinavian and British metal, Japanese models also made a huge presence and a few managed to bag spots inside the hangar.

Nissan S13

The Nissan presence was strong in the hangar, with the favourite S-Chassis making an appearance in the hangar and also at the barrel-sprint. Below is one of the cleanest, most presentable PS13’s I have ever seen. Not many people are aware of this model, and not many trawl the streets of the UK. They where only ever released to the Japanese & American markets and are a popular car for drifting, so finding one in good condition is very hard!

Nissan PS13

Another car which is becoming rarer to find is the Nissan S14 which was, luckily, released to the EU market. Due to becoming so cheap, people began snapping them up and using them for drifting and is one of the most favoured Japanese drift car alongside the Skyline. But this bagged, de-spoilered example shows that not every S14 is a drift-machine, some take the attention by simply standing still.

Nissan S14a

A more quirky Jap was the Nissan Cube, they say a picture says a thousand words, so I will let it do the talking.

Nissan Cube

Our friends over at Performance Direct were also there supporting a local show! The guys had a very presentable Audi A1, fitted with a set of Ispiri CSR4 wheels and running 4-way air ride.

Audi A1

On a contrasting note, the Banded Steels – Essex shop Chevy 3100 made an appearance, running a static suspension setup on a custom set of steel wheels (did you expect anything less?).

Chevy 3100 Chevy 3100

To end, Players 8.0 is very similar to the wheel nuts on this Subaru, multi-coloured. But seriously, the show was by far one of the best shows that the 2014 show season has produced and with the season soon coming to a close, I highly doubt anything will be able to top it!

Subaru Impreza


Image Copyright: Tyrone Saliba

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