The Geneva Motor Show is one of the first prestigious shows of the year, and so it’s no surprise that all the major automotive manufacturers are keen to impress with the buying season fast approaching – and they don’t come much bigger than Rolls Royce, who’s bespoke division will be displaying some of their impressive wares at this year’s show.

rolls-royce whispered muse interior

While the Rolls Royce Cullinan may be imminent (as recently reported here), it will not be on display at Geneva. Instead the company will be showing some impressive one-off models with some impressive features that have been commissioned by customers. As you might expect from a company like Rolls Royce, this is a showcase of the finer arts with an impressive level of detail and craftsmanship that we often tend to feel is lacking in the modern age.

The Gentleman’s Tourer

rolls-royce gentlemans tourer

With an appreciative nod to the 1930s, this Phantom has been equipped with extras that are guaranteed to make the owner desperate for someone to ask them about their car – and when someone does, the owner will be able to proudly state that the dashboard is completed with ruthenium, a rare metal affiliated with platinum (no, I’d never heard of it either). RR calls it the Cascade Steel Gallery. Of course.

Whispered Muse

rolls-royce whispered gold mascot

More noticeable than a high quality dashboard for the passer by is the famous Spirit of Ecstasy – and this vehicle will showcase the company’s first ever rose gold mascot. This eighth gen Phantom also gets a bespoke dash with a Helen Amy Murray interpretation of the original Spirit of Ecstasy drawings.

A Moment in Time

This Phantom uses artist Helen Amy Murray’s silk appliqué version of the mascot, which was originally created in clay before becoming a striking machined piece of aluminium. It may be one of the less distracting bespoke dash options that Rolls Royce can offer.

rolls-royce phantom helen amy murray

Of course, all this is intended to whet the appetite and reveal to those that might not be aware just how individual and unique your Phantom dash area can be. After all, it’s probably the one thing you get to feast your eyes on most while behind the wheel. Other dash options include a porcelain design based on rose flowers and created by Nymphenburg, a Bavarian manufacturer.

rolls-royce phantom nymphenburg roses

Or maybe you prefer something subtler like the iridescent peacock feather styling by Swiss company Nature Squared. Decidedly less subtle might be the diamond studded textile option by designer Richard Fox, or how about Thorsten Franck’s 24-carat gold and stainless steel design…

rolls-royce- phantom nature squared iridescent

rolls-royce phantom thorsten franck

Dawn Aero Cowling

rolls-royce dawn aero cowling

No, Dawn Aero Cowling is not the name of another wistful sounding limited edition, but in fact a way to turn your 4-seater Rolls into a 2-seater by covering up the rear seats with a pair of carbon fibre and aluminium cowls. While it might seem like pure aesthetic fancy, Rolls Royce claim that it does improve the air flow over the topless Dawn Drophead, while also providing easily accessible – and lockable – storage. It also makes your car look a tad sportier too of course.

So there you go, while some of the monikers used here may sound like long-lost 4AD albums from the eighties, there’s no doubt that Rolls’ Geneva Motor Show display is going to be nothing short of stunning.



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