The BMW Z4 roadster and coupé has been with us for a number of years now, replacing the Z3, which initially garnered a mixed response from critics when it first appeared. Yet the Z style has endured all these years since, and BMW have now given their strongest hint yet at prices and a release date for the Z4’s successor, logically named the Z5.

BMW Z4 on track

Or at least that’s what we all believed was going to be the name of the Z4 successor – until the head of BMW Americas, Ludwig Willish, said quite bluntly “there’s no such thing.” He went on to reluctantly suggest that the car would indeed stick with the trusted Z4 name. So that’s what we are looking at here then; the new Z4.

BMW Z4 on track

It’s hard not to have seen the new roadster spread across the automotive press in a number of spy shots wearing the usual garish camouflage. And with motoring manufacturers concentrating on their family, electric and SUVs, the new Z4 roadster is a welcome anomaly that keeps the BMW toe in the water alongside the likes of Porsche and Audi.

BMW Z4 on track rear

The revived Toyota Supra will use the same G29 platform as this new roadster, further cementing the partnership between BMW and Toyota. The 2018 model year Z4 will be a 2-seater soft-top, which will likely give an increase in luggage space as well as improving fuel economy due to the reduced weight over a metal roof.

BMW Z4 on track side

Seeing as the new BMW 7 Series integrates carbon fibre in the chassis, it might be reasonable to suspect that the new Z4 will also incorporate the same, increasing chassis rigidity – very important on a soft-top of course.

BMW Z4 on track front

Expected release date

The new BMW Z4 roadster is predicted to appear in showrooms some time in late 2018/2019, with rumours suggesting that the roadster will actually be released in November 2018 with the base model having a 195hp s20i engine.

Rumour also suggests an earlier unveiling in 2017 – it just might be that the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance could herald the first official appearance of the much-anticipated roadster.

BMW Z4 on track

The new Z4 is likely to be slightly more expensive (coming in at around £70,000) than the outgoing Z4, possibly to up the ante and compete with the all-conquering Porsche 911. If this is so, then we can be sure that BMW are pretty confident in the new car’s handling and what there will be under the bonnet of their new Z4.

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