Prepare to have your socks scared off with these horrific tales of motoring

It’s time to get into the mood for Halloween and what better way to do so than to enjoy some spooky stories. These gruesome tales are not for the faint of heart! In fact, these could be the scariest, spookiest stories ever written, so beware!

The haunted car park

In a sleepy village town, mostly populated by farmers, elderly people and sheep, laid a quite supermarket. It was situated in the outskirts of town and seemed like a very peculiar place for a supermarket of its size to be. Built upon an old derelict burial ground, this supermarket almost appeared overnight, with the residents not knowing anything of its construction.

Jane, being in her late 60s, had just retired and after many years of saving up, decided to buy her dream car – a 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo HC and 1 of 5 finished in gorgeous two-tone ‘Essex Blue’ paint. It was a near-perfect example, being garage kept, with minimal mileage and the original paint was flawless. It shimmered and glistened like the sun on the water.

3 Short Scary Car Stories For Halloween

After a nice autumnal drive and a day at a Lotus car meet, Jane decided to stop at the shops on the way back home to buy a handful of essential groceries. On the dark, unlit road home, the bright sign for the out-of-place supermarket seemed to illuminate directly at her. Jane parked her pristine ride in the completely empty car park.

As the car park was empty and the lighting was just right, she decided to snap a photo of her new favourite toy. As she got into position and snapped the perfect shot, Jane had to do a double-take of the photo that she just took. In the background, just behind her car stood a dark and mysterious figure.

Zooming in, closer and closer, she then saw this figure for what it was. A rogue shopping trolley, rolling directly to her car! By the time she peered up away from her phone, it was too late. The trolley slammed into the driver’s door of her mint-condition Esprit with a loud crash!

As she ran around to see the damage on the other side of the car, the trolley had vanished, leaving only a nasty scrape on the previously perfect blue paint…

We don’t know what’s spookier, the vanishing trolley or the repair bill for the paint damage!

The phantom screw

3 Short Scary Car Stories For Halloween

Jack was like any other car enthusiast. Tinkering with his motor every once in a while, servicing it, upgrading things, changing parts and the like. He took great pride in looking after his 1997 Toyota MR2 and as a result, it drove like it was brand new and was in better cosmetic condition than cars a quarter of its age. It was Jack’s pride and joy.

Jack treated the MR2 with respect and the MR2 seemed to do the same in return. On a brisk winter Sunday, Jack decided it was time to fit the new headlights that he had ordered. A more modern yet tasteful replacement for the old, dirty and fogged-up lights that had served their time well. Jack’s large brutish hands squeezed and contorted their way into the engine bay to reach the lights and with them, he carefully removed the housing for the lights. All was going well… until a sudden cramp attacked his hands!

3 Short Scary Car Stories For Halloween

With his hand stuck in place, the screw he was holding with just his index finger and thumb, like a delicate pair of tweezers, began to slip. In his panic, the fingers became clammy and the grip loosened. And then, the screw dropped…

Jack, froze in place, listened as the small metal menace bounced down to the bottom of the engine bay, into the deep dark depths of the jungle of wires and mechanisms that was the car’s beating heart. After many efforts, the screw was unable to be retrieved and Jack’s beloved MR2 would never be quite the same. Some say, if you listen closely, the wretched rattle of the phantom screw can still be heard to this day…

OOooooOOOoooo! Spooky!

The Halloween wash

3 Short Scary Car Stories For Halloween

It was a rather mild and sunny Saturday for October and Joe was meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time on Thursday. His 2003 E46 BMW M3 was absolutely filthy and in dire need for a wash, so he got out his extensive range of tools and got to work after seeing that the weather was forecasted for nothing but sunny skies all week. After a good wash and a rather thorough detailing using all the tools of the trade and hours of work, the M3 was gleaming and up to competition-winning standards.

On Sunday night, before hitting the hay, Joe looked out of his window one last time and admired the mirror-like shine of his gorgeous E46 sitting on his drive. He drifted to sleep peacefully, knowing that when he meets his potential future in-laws their first impression of him as he steps out of a perfectly-clean car will surely be a good one.

3 Short Scary Car Stories For Halloween

In the darkness of the night, Joe wakes up in a cold sweat, as if his body has had a reaction to something in the air. Thunder roars him loudly awake and as he rips the curtains open he’s shocked to see what’s outside. A full, unrelenting storm raining down like liquid metal onto his car. His once spotless motor is now being drowned with rainwater and as if his mind was playing tricks on him, the forecast on his phone now reads nothing but rain for the whole week! His 17-mile commute on dirty wet roads will now paint his car with dirt each day, like paint on a canvas.

Dun dun dunnnnn! Truly a nightmare come true for those of us who like to keep our cars clean!

Hopefully, you’re not too spooked by these truly terrifying Halloween stories. Let us know how it’s going to be affecting your sleep schedule tonight, in the comments!

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