Over the years we have seen the birth and death of many car models, but which ones would we actually want brought back into production?

DeLorean DMC-12

Dreams of driving around in a new DeLorean DMC-12 sports car could soon become a reality, thanks to a low-volume manufacturing bill that may lead to 300 being produced. Of course, this classic car first found fame in the 1985 classic ‘Back to the Future’ and now has dedicated fans all over the world.

While performance was never the Delorean’s strong point, what it lacked in this respect was more than made up for by its great handling and unique design. It was DMC’s only car and took the company six long years to get the design and engineering just right. The gullwing doors really set this car apart from the rest and we can’t help but wonder which other intriguing design ideas that had been planned were dropped from the final model?

Volkswagen Camper

It’s hard to believe that 66 years have passed since the first VW bus graced our roads with its hippy presence, but even after all this time, the love for this camper has never faded. If you see one, you want one. If you are lucky enough to actually own one, you care for it as if it were part of the family. Millions were made, although each one has its own special character that went along nicely with the slogan ‘not just a vehicle … more a way of life’.

There is a chance that this classic may be getting brought back, this time though it will be all electric and remains just a concept car for now – here’s hoping they retain the charm we have come to know and love!

Ford Escort

Ford introduced this little family car way back in 1967. Its purpose?  To serve as an ultra-modern replacement for the Anglia that had previously enjoyed a long and successful run. In just 6 years, 2 million Ford Escorts had been made, a truly staggering amount, and it soon became one of the most sought after cars in Britain.

Not all that surprising, especially considering it was a compact vehicle that offered plenty of space inside, and it was affordable too. As well as being a favourite car for day-to-day driving, Escorts turned out to be exceptional rally cars with a string of World Rally Championship victories to their name. A car with such an impressive history surely deserves to be celebrated with a new production run and we’d love to see one powering around a track, just like the good old days…

Pontiac Fiero

It may surprise some of you to see the Fiero in our top 5, but hear us out! Yes, it may have been the butt of a few jokes in the 90’s, due to its reliability issues, lack of power steering and a dated, cramped interior – I guess we just love an underdog. When it was first unveiled, people fell for the Pontiac Fiero’s racy styling and were initially impressed by its superior build quality. Offering good traction on such wide tyres, this mid-engined car may have been heavy but the sleek

V-6-powered GT model, introduced in 1985, increased driver visibility and was widely considered to be even better looking than the original. The Fiero deserves a second chance; wouldn’t you just love to see those pop-up headlights brought back?

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