The all-electric classic Bentley is a bittersweet creation for many

Should classic vehicles be left alone to become beautiful relics of the past or should they be resurrected and modernised for practical use with the help of electric batteries? It’s certainly a hot debate and Lunaz is a clear supporter of the latter argument.

Lunaz is an electric vehicle engineering company that specialises in restoring classic cars and converting them into all-electric powered machines. Now many would argue that ripping the engine out and replacing it with whirring electric motors and batteries is a heinous act, similar to creating Frankenstein’s monster. However, many enthusiasts also see this as a good thing, as is evident with Lunaz’s success and imminent global expansion.

All-Electric 1961 Bentley By Lunaz

Lunaz recently announced that they will be expanding their global manufacturing headquarters by 500% in Spring 2021, with an increase of square footage of 32,000 sq/ft and an increase in highly-skilled jobs from around 50, increasing to around 100 engineers.

With no signs of slowing, one of Lunaz’s latest creations is the all-electric 1961 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur by H.J Mulliner. Dubbed as the world’s first electric classic Bentley, this spectacular car, once the height of luxury, lacked things that even economy cars have today. These modern amenities have been fitted, along with two-tone paint, matching leather and of course, Lunaz’s own proprietary electric powertrain.

All-Electric 1961 Bentley By Lunaz
\\ Another all-electric creation by Lunaz \\

This invasive recreation uses an original donor car, which is stripped to the bare metal and reengineered in a multitude of ways. The suspension has been up-rated, power-steering and air conditioning have been added and brakes have also been upgraded. Owners can enjoy the convenience of an inbuilt infotainment console with sat nave and Apple CarPlay for excellent connectivity for devices of today rather than a radio from the 60s.

All-Electric 1961 Bentley By Lunaz

It is said the person who ordered this special restored Bentley intends to use it daily and will often have children in the back, to which Lunaz have accommodated for with the inclusion of bespoke child seats made from matching leather.

As a result, a new take on a classic Bentley has been created. One that does not smell of petrol, has the comfort of a more modern car and has been created to be enjoyed rather than to sit idly in a humidity-controlled room to appreciate in value. So, is the guttural sound of the beating engine really to be missed all that much?

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