With the promise of so many fantastic examples of iconic cars coming to the NEC in Birmingham for the Classic Motor Show 2014, Motor-Vision made sure we were down there to spot some of the best.

Americans at CMS 14

Of course, we took care to get a lot of shots of some of the ones we thought were the best. The cars we really liked ranged from a Chevy Bel Air 1957 to a Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra 2014 and plenty in between.

The Chevy Bel Air 1957 was in particularly good nick for its age, with all its light and bodywork intact and finished in a shiny teal colour.

Chevy Bel Air

Another example of well preserved vintage style was the Cadillac Fleetwood 1960, a car that many think of when they picture driving on the roads of 1960s America. This one, painted in black, has the characteristics that many dream of when they imagine the Cadillac, including the long bonnet, the wings at the rear and that huge grille between the double headlights.

Cadillac Fleetwood 1960

In terms of other vintage motoring style classics, what else do you think of? The Corvette perhaps? There was one of these at the Classic Motor Show too – a 1963 Corvette Stingray. It was definitely the sort of car that would turn heads on the road with its bright red hue. The car has some of the makings of a classic early sports car, what with its air intakes at the side and the fact that its shape is a little more aerodynamic than some of the other cars. This one also comes with pop-up headlights and a light leather interior. The top comes down too, which is perfect for leisurely driving on the open road.

Corvette Stingray 1963

We couldn’t help but be drawn in by this one Buick Electra 1966 either, partly because its bodywork was an outlandish lime green, which was complimented by some beautiful yellow and black pin-stripping on the bonnet, boot, door handles and C pillars. You can see the Cadillac influences coming through on this type of car, thanks to its long bonnet, double headlights and huge grille.

Buick Electra 1966

With all these cars in tow, of course the line-up wouldn’t be complete without a Camaro and, indeed, a Camaro 1970 Convertible was present. It had the characteristic protruding grille and the entire shape of the car looks a bit like a spaceship. It was painted in a pale yellow with black racing stripes in place too. As the car was displayed with its top down, visitors could get a good look at its light-coloured interior too.

Camaro Convertible 1970

The Classic Car Motor Show isn’t all about cars from the past, though. It’s also a chance to show off iconic cars in a new way. For certain, the Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra 2014 that was on display is proof of that. Looking at this absolute beast of a car, it’s difficult not to feel a little bit intimidated by its huge grille. Its bodywork is a sophisticated dark green that was complimented by white racing stripes. Adding to its overall look were its silver alloys.

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra 2014

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