Do you think some cars have headlights that blind and dazzle other drivers?

With the advancement of technology in the motor industry, we’re seeing added comfort, convenience and safety in our cars each year. However, not all change is good.

Although roads are being lit more effectively with new technology, it sometimes comes at the cost of blinding other drivers.

Are Modern Car Lights Too Bright

So, are headlights these days just too bright? Everyone and their grandmother has experienced the modern-day dazzling that leaves us dazed and confused as if we had just experienced part of the effect of a flashbang grenade. There’s certainly no end to anecdotal evidence that suggests indeed, yes, modern LED lights may be too bright or angled too high.

The two main experiences that we know of are having lights shine brightly from the car behind us reflect in our mirrors, therefore rendering them useless and in more severe cases, a hindrance to our driving. The second being the lights coming from a car in front of us travelling in the opposite direction, with the flash of light hitting our eyes directly as you cross paths with the other car.

Are Modern Car Lights Too Bright

Some report the lights from the car behind being so bright that they actually cast a shadow of your vehicle in front of you, despite your headlights also being on. The stories you hear are utterly unacceptable and motorists should surely not have to tackle the hazard of another car’s extra bright lights whilst also combatting potholes, cyclists, pedestrians, junctions, wildlife, large puddles and so on.

Are Modern Car Lights Too Bright

One recurring culprit that comes to mind, for me at least, is the Mini, with the Countryman being the worst. The lights are not only bright and powerful but also seem to be angled too far up and with the Countryman being a little higher up than the other Mini models already, it makes for a terrible combination. Let us know if you’ve noticed any particular cars that have lights that are particularly annoying.

The RAC polled their Driver Opinion Panel of around 1,200 participants in 2019 and found that 91% of them found at least ‘some’ cars had lights that were ‘too bright’ and 54% of them said they were being dazzled by them more regularly currently (in 2019) than they were the year prior. In a more dramatic turn, a whopping 70% believe some cars’ lights are so bright that they represent an accident risk.

Are Modern Car Lights Too Bright (4)

Now, although it may seem like this is still a valid complaint to have, in the future this will hopefully cease to be an issue. With the new matrix LED light technology that actively blocks out light in sections so that it is not shone on other oncoming vehicles, the problem is being eradicated as we speak. That being said, this state-of-the-art lighting is currently exclusive to high-end vehicles such as the Audi A7 but eventually, will trickle down to more affordable cars in 5 or 10 years’ time.

Let us know your thoughts on the matter, in the comments!

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13 Responses

  1. Bob

    Yes they are far far too bright, it’s got silly I think car builders should be fined, it says in the highway code, do not dazzle the oncoming motorists, what have you done gone silly with them tooooooo BRIGHT, when oncoming car or truck for that has too bright headlight, I put my hand up in front of my face to shield my eyes, from the aggressive beams, its stupid how bright they are. Cold white light is horrible it really is horrid to have that beamed right at you, warm lights are better and much easier on my eyes.

    I actually had my led headlights removed because also the bulbs never last, then chap at mot Place said if I wanted to replace bulb I had to buy full new unit. I said, oh really, so took car away and ordered my own replacement warm light units and able to replace bulbs my self, witch is how it should be, and guess what I, ve never a 1 problem since, and sold the led headlight units second hand, glad to back of them, just don, t need it’s fad and another pricing con, BUY THE WHOLE HEADLIGHT UNIT JUST TO REPLACE BULB, YOUR TAKING THE PISS, NOT HAPPENING.

  2. Kim

    How do we get them banned?! Fast?! I have been searching for some way to do this but no luck. I am tired of being blinded by almost every car. It won’t be long till I am in an accident! The car company’s should be told to change every light to a safe level. A new law?!

  3. Carol Davies

    I am regularly getting totally blinded when driving to and from work.
    Last night on my journey home the lights from the car behind where so bright not only could I not use my mirrors but the glare cast a shadow of my car in front of me, even with my headlights on. My eyes actually stung to the point of watering.

  4. Tom H

    I totally agree that these lights are so so dangerous. I have been dazzled to the point that I can’t see the lane markings, also if someone with these lights is behind you, you can’t use your mirrors as of the glare. Makes you think they are tail gating also. I hope the technology comes soon to make led lights safer for the road user as I fear deaths will happen. I sometimes think well why don’t I put my full beam on and dazzle them back but that is highly illegal so I don’t.

  5. Paula Brooks-Liddell

    This has become such a problem for me that I have had to get special yellow glasses to wear for night time driving. It’s not just a case of being blinded by the bright headlights but risk triggering a migraine each time I have to drive at night. The worst culprits do seem to be minis as said above and BMW’S. It’s as though some vehicles have their main beam on all the time and I have sometimes altered my plans to avoid driving at night.

    • Warwick

      Yes they are completely dangerous and often I have to adjust my mirrors to reflect back at the driver who’s blinding me. When it’s an oncoming vehicle I just have to hope for the best knowing that if I do crash into the oncoming vehicle it will be their fault and not mine. I’m not going to not drive at night just because of arrogant blind folk.

  6. James Ward

    The newer headlights are too bright. They blind drivers coming in the opposite direction. If they are on an incline, it is even worse. When they are behind you, your outside mirrors catch the extreme brightness and then it makes it difficult for you to execute a left turn. It is even worse when they have their high beams on.
    These bright lights are causing problems on the road, and accidents will increase because of them. When you have a new pick up truck behind you that have them, it is terrible. It is so bright you cannot see.

  7. David

    I agree the LED head lights on cars are far to bright and I can not understand why they are allowed, (I call them selfish lights), when other head light systems can fail the MOT, if they are set to high and could possibly blind oncoming vehicles.
    To me all LED lighting is to bright, even, so called driving lights, so bright some drivers don’t even realise they haven’t turned their lights on.
    Cyclists are also using LED lights, one night on a twisty country lane I noticed 2 high level and 2 low level lights approaching me. Thinking it might be a tractor I pulled into a gate way to allow the vehicle to pass, eventually 2 cyclists side by side passed me, 1 light on each bike and one light on each head, not even a thankyou as they passed. The road was wide enough to have passed the bikes safely.
    Although possibly illegal, I am thinking of having the back of my car and van chromed to get my own back.

  8. Peter Geoff

    I don’t find modern car lights a too much of a problem. Some people just make a fuss about anything. I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to the old glow worm lights.

    • Tom

      Warm white headlights are better than cold white. Bulbs with warmer white light are more natural for human eyes. White light is agresive and because they causes dangerous situations, they should ve forbidden.

    • Paul

      Has it occurred to you that people could be more light sensitive than you? Modern car lights not only dazzle me causing temporary blinding but also trigger migranes. People are not making this up even if you are not effected.

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