The 211mph DBS Superleggera Is Fastest Aston Martin Yet

Aston Martin has revealed its fastest car yet in the 211mph DBS Superleggera – a car that will not only have the Ferrari 812 Superfast quaking at a rival’s daft sounding name (to be fair, ‘superleggera’ actually translates as ‘superlight’) but also it’s immense power. The Ferrari has been called the untameable beast, so how does the DBS Superleggera – ‘the brute in a suit’ according to Aston head man Andy Palmer – square up?

aston martin dbs superleggera 3

So what is the DBS?

Aston will never use the DBS name too freely; it was last used in 2012, so we can be certain that Aston Martin think they’ve got this brute pretty right. New cars need legacy to seamlessly fit into a classic brand line-up, and the Superleggera gives an appreciative nod back to the straight-six powered 1967 DBS – the precursor to the Aston Martin V8 – though there’s actually very little to leave you with any misconception that this is a purely retro-based model.

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Power and Performance

The new DB11 is the base of the Superleggera, although the DBS is a full 70kg lighter than that model. It’s also 10db louder thanks to some fine-tuning of the quad exhaust. It’s not just noisier though – it’s ‘quality noise’ according to Chief Engineer Matt Becker… The figures though are off and over the horizon, with the 5.2 litre V12 engine pushing out 716bhp (compared to the DB11’s 630bhp), a mighty 900Nm torque and a 0-62mph of 3.4 seconds. In fact, brace yourself if you ever find yourself in one, as 0-100mph is a mere 6.4 seconds; that’s pretty staggering. The DBS Superleggera also gets a new gearbox and 8-speed auto transmission to take the strain that those figures will put on the mechanicals.

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Drive modes

You get three drive models – just like the Vantage – in GT, Sport, Sport+, which progressively give you more power. For your peace of mind, Aston Martin has also tweaked the aerodynamics to provide improved downforce of 180kg compared to the DB11 (70kg), yet amazingly with no noticeable increase in drag.

aston martin dbs superleggera 2

Exterior features

Pirelli P Zeros made especially for the DBS clad the black alloy 21-inch wheels while carbon ceramic brakes attempt to stop the Superleggera when you need a break from all the excitement. A meatier front grille and all new headlights and rear lights also adorn the Superleggera. While it might look, sound and read like an all-in track racer, Aston Martin is keen to stress that comfort is still very important – finding the right combination between comfort and performance is the dream.

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The Interior

The interior is similar to the DB11 but the options for personalising your brand new Aston Martin are getting ever larger – even including a bespoke Tag Heur watch to make sure that people know what you drive even when you’ve left it on the driveway (get in quick mind, these watches are a limited run of only 50). If this alone has made you decide that this is the car for you, deliveries should be commencing in the latter part of 2018 at a price starting from around £225,000, depending on just how personalised you like your brutes in suits.

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