In a strange collaboration, Aston Martin tries to be cool with rap.

Is it just me or is seeing a rap music video take place at an Aston Martin factory the most juxtaposed thing possible?

For many, Aston Martin could be considered to be an ‘old man’ brand. Although that may just be an opinion, perhaps one you don’t agree with, we all must admit that Aston Martin cars don’t usually get the same attention from the youth when compared to brands such as Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG or even McLaren.

Aston Martin opens its doors to Santan Dave and Stormzy

Aston Martin have always felt more appropriately targeted towards those that enjoy a spot of golf on the weekends, or belong to a Country Club. You’d imagine the person behind the wheel of an Aston Martin to be way past 40 years old and wearing a tweed flat cap and listening to BBC Radio 4. With their new collaboration with Dave and Stormzy, it would appear that Aston are trying to broaden their brand to a totally different audience.

Aston Martin opens its doors to Santan Dave and Stormzy

Although supercars and luxury cars and, more recently, even some trendy classic cars such as the BMW E30 are commonplace in today’s music videos, it’s incredibly rare to see an Aston Martin. Yes, the British marque makes some stunning cars but unfortunately, they’re mostly just not at the top of the ‘cool list’ if there is one. Well, Aston Martin has taken it into their own hands to change that.

Aston Martin opens its doors to Santan Dave and Stormzy

Companies like Ferrari actually have a problem with too many rappers and other kinds of young celebs and influencers taking their cars, modifying them and then using them in their content alongside some scantily clad women to the point where they issue cease and desist letters. On the other hand, Aston Martin is actively seeking this kind of attention and has started by enlisting the help of Dave and Stormzy.

In what appears to be one giant Aston Martin and Nike advert, Dave’s new single “Clash” was shot at Aston Martin’s Gaydon Headquarters (and yes, they left the name of the town out of the video) and features all the usual rap tropes of middle fingers, groups of people in a car park and at least one mention of an expensive watch.

Aston Martin opens its doors to Santan Dave and Stormzy

Dave and Stormzy are seen walking through the production line, driving around the track in a V12 Speedster and overall just enjoying the Aston Martin Headquarters. Is the visual fanfare enough to make Aston Martin cool?

In a statement that sounds nothing like Dave, Dave said: “I’m extremely grateful to Aston Martin who couldn’t have been more of a pleasure to collaborate with on this video. It’s only right to showcase such an iconic British brand and such beautiful design alongside this moment.”

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