Meet the stunning new Austro-Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand Hybrid sports car!

This morning I saw a milk float; it’s probably been about 15 years since I last saw one and was a reminder not only as to how my neighbours are doing their best to use less plastic, but also a reminder of how far we’ve come regarding electric vehicles. The new Austro-Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand is just such an example…

Austro-Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand Hybrid

The name might be a bit clumsy on the lips, but the sleek lines of the Austrian company’s Bergmeister are anything but. The plug-in hybrid sports car revealed itself earlier this year at the annual May classic and vintage car show, Concorso d’Eleganza Villa D’Este situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Como in Italy. The prestigious show has been running since 1929.

The Austro-Daimler Bergmeister caused a bit of a stir and it’s easy to see why; those classic retro pre-war sports car looks are unlikely to upset anyone with an eye for a well put together automobile.

Austro-Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand Hybrid

The Bergmeister features a modern Mercedes 3-litre straight-six and has three electric motors. And with claimed total outputs of 1,180lb ft of torque and 1,198bhp it’s likely to have the power to match its looks. In fact, the Bergmeister is going to be able to propel you from 0-62mph in just 2.5 seconds.

All this power doesn’t take a massive toll on range either, with the Austro-Daimler Bergmeister capable of of 155 miles between charges. While your more practical family EV might be boasting a much larger range than this, for a high performance oriented vehicle 155 miles is not too bad.

Austro-Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand Hybrid

A fairly decent weight helps too of course, and the Bergmeister weighs in at a 1,650kg. Featuring lightweight panels and an aluminium space-frame, despite the classic profile, the car is as modern as they come.

The Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand is based on a Mercedes-AMG GT with the addition of a SERIPA Performance Hybrid system with 3 electric motors each putting out 271bhp.With a top speed of around 200mph and the battery pack secured within the rear of the car – where the boot would normally be found – handling might be a bit hair-raising at speed. The ‘shooting brake’ estate style body not only looks good, but it gives back some of the storage space that has been taken up by the battery.

Austro-Daimler Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand Hybrid

Inside is a very tasteful mixture of wood and leather, which, along with the double-bubble roof, adds to the hint of a long-bonnet 1930s car that the ADR 630 design is aiming for. This ties in with the original Bergmeister (‘Mountain Master’) from 1931. ‘Innovation by tradition’ is how Project Manager Roland Stagl eloquently describes the ADR 630 Shooting Grand.

If you want to see this beautiful high performance gull-wing door hybrid in the metal, then the car will be on show in the UK at the Salon Privé car show in September at Blenheim Palace.

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