Some of the most amusing and creative automotive April fool’s gags of 2021

April fool’s comes once a year and mostly brings some pretty mediocre entertainment in the form of so-called ‘pranks’. However, in the automotive industry, we’re treated to a range of gags made for enthusiasts just like us to chuckle to.

Here are some of the best April fool’s 2021 gags from the automotive industry:

Caterham Lube

Best April Fool’s Pranks

‘Caterham Cars has launched the ultimate product to help its drivers get in and out of the iconic Seven model – Seven Lube.’

Being a rather small and low sports car, it’s totally understandable that Caterham would produce their own branded lube to help owners get into their cars. Their press release must have been rather confusing to those that didn’t catch on.

‘The oil-based emollient has been designed to grease the user lightly in order to aid a quick and satisfying entry’

Skoda’s In Tune software

Best April Fool’s Pranks

According to ‘research’ from Skoda, ‘100% of drivers* admit to regularly attempting to sing along to their favourite songs while driving’ (with the caveat being that it’s 100% of zero people interviewed).

‘Function monitors interior cabin sound and corrects the pitch of the singer’s voice automatically’

So, essentially, Skoda’s In Tune software is just autotune. The joke’s on them because this gag would actually be a killer feature!

Best April Fool’s Pranks

Alfa Romeo filter windows

Best April Fool’s Pranks

Everything looks better on Instagram. This fact of life has inspired Alfa Romeo to create filtered windows which can turn not-so-attractive views into beautiful vistas.

According to the Italian marque, ‘cutting-edge electrochromic glass alters the perception of the outside world’ which are designed to replicate the ‘ambient hues and temperatures’ of iconic locations including Rome, Milan and Turin.

Best April Fool’s Pranks

Dacia Dustar

Best April Fool’s Pranks

‘Dacia launches DUSTAR, the world’s first affordable space venture’.

After competing in the budget car market, Dacia moves onto bigger things and aim for the budget space travel market. The launch event took place on April 1 with the Dacia successfully making it to space. Although it may seem like another silly gag, this joke had substance as a real-life scale model was indeed elevated into space. The view of Earth was real, the space launch was real, the only thing that wasn’t quite legit was the size of this particular Dacia Duster

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