April Fool’s Day is always fun in the car industry and 2022 was no exception.

There was plenty of amusement to go around this April Fool’s Day with various automakers pulling the usual antics. Joke products, silly names, fake announcements and more were at play this year.

Last year we were treated to trick announcements such as Caterham’s own Vaseline to help occupants get in and out of their cars and Skoda’s in-car autotune feature to make terrible car karaoke more bearable. Let’s see what we had this year:

Top Gear’s exclusive scoop

Our friends over at Top Gear got the inside scoop with Land Rover’s all-new Discovery which instead of the 4×4 we know it as, is due to be a mid-engine sports car!

All jokes aside, this car would probably be awesome.

Honda’s pet seats

With the ‘Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat’ launching first, then to be followed up by other variants for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and fish. A multi-storey variant for gerbils is due in Spring 2023.

The special passenger seat features a harness, auto-dispensing treats, recessed food and water bowls and squeaker or toy attached to the seat. They may be joking but some of this sounds genuinely good! That being said, I’m not convince when it comes to the ‘spill-proof’ bowls.

Isuzu’s tiny D-Max Street

What’s the one thing we all wish a pickup truck had? Less space, obviously! Isuzu’s D-Max Street provides exactly that and the automaker says it is also available in any colour the customer chooses, provided that it’s blue!

Caterham’s Cater-Ham

Caterham love April Fool’s Day and we’re thankful for it. This year, their ridiculous idea was essentially Caterham-themed Lunchables. If you are familiar with the snack that kids have in the playground where they assemble what is essentially cheese and ham on crackers, Caterham have done exactly that but in the shape of their iconic cars.

This ‘build kit’ will need customers to assemble their snack just as they would assemble their Caterham car. All ingredients are ‘locally sourced’ (from local supermarkets) and the company adds that “There’s little chance of a pack of Sevenses adding lightness to anyone who consumes it,” – a joke reference to Lotus’ famous mantra.

Let us know the funniest stories you read this April Fool’s, in the comments.

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