Where to travel to see some unforgettable and spectacular cars

There’s a holiday for all of us out there and for the avid car enthusiast, there are some really perfect destinations.

It’s almost like each country has its own flavour of car scene. For instance, the UK has a great collection of supermarket and leisure park car parks that get filled with outdated hatchbacks that have been modified to look and sound as ridiculous as possible. All jokes aside, if you’re looking for a different ‘flavour’ of car scene, going abroad can offer exactly that if you know where to look.


Monaco is still the most densely populated country in the entire world and it just so happens that it probably also has the densest collection of luxury cars in the world too! It’s where the rich park their superyachts, avoid taxes and drive their cars. It’s also where the most famous Grand Prix is held, where the streets are transformed into a race circuit.

At Monaco, especially during a Grand Prix season, one can expect to see only the rarest and most spectacular cars. The cars in this country will make a Ferrari 488 look like an old banged up hatchback.


Dubai is known for its excessive wealth. It attracts wealth, it cultivates wealth, it emits pure wealth. A Rolls Royce is like a Ford Focus to someone living in Dubai. Not a week goes by where you’ll see at least one car that will turn your head, whether it’s a Lamborghini being used as a police car or a gold-wrapped McLaren that reflects enough light to make the moon envious.

Los Angeles

The City of Angels lives up to its name with the cars, let alone everything else. L.A. is the home of Hollywood, where ultra-rich directors, actors and everyone else that just wants to be around the glamour of it all reside. If you’re an enthusiast that’s familiar with the L.A. car scene then names such as Mulholland Drive and Rodeo Drive will already be linked to images of crazy cars in your mind. Not only are there plenty of amazing cars driving around but there’s no shortage of car meets either.


Lastly, if you’re not looking to go abroad, London still offers one of the best car scenes in the world. If you know where to be and when to be there, some truly unforgettable cars can be spotted in London. Harrods, Dorchester Hotel, Sloane Street and Lowndes Square all attract plenty of rare car owners thanks to the luxury hotels situated there. If you want to be part of an event that’s on an entirely different level, you can plan your trip to coincide with the London Concours, which sees people travel from around the world to show off cars that are of the kind you will only see once in a lifetime.

Let us know where you would recommend going carspotting, in the comments!

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