Fake Supercars aren’t actually as bad as they sound!

Why waste money on a genuine supercar when you can buy a ‘replica’ one for a fraction of the price? The fake supercar market is a very real thing, with hundreds of replicas listed for sale all around the UK. Whether you’re after a Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari F430, Mercedes SL65 AMG or a Porsche 911, you’ll be able to find the replica version online and save yourself a substantial amount of money.

We’re going to introduce you to some great examples of replica cars, some of which you’ll still be able to find for sale online.

Replica Lamborghini Countach

Replica Lamborghini Countach (1)

The Countach is one of the most iconic Lamborghinis ever produced and has become a world-famous symbol for 80s sports and supercars. It was the poster car of countless bedroom walls and today, it’s still admired for its incredible retro design and style.

Seeming as the Countach is such a legendary and admired car, it’s no surprise that replicas are readily available to purchase online for a fraction of what the real ones are worth. For as low as £30,000, you could own a Countach replica, which is under 10% of the cost of buying a real Countach.

These replicas are incredibly accurate and the finer details are very well-done. Not only are they basically a 1:1 reproduction when it comes to cosmetics, but they’re also often packed with some serious power, often sporting 5.2-litre V12 engines and 0-60mph figures that are below 5 seconds.

You can see a V12 example by clicking here.

Replica Lamborghini Countach (2)

Prices range from around £29,000 to £65,000 and each one is slightly different. These cars are made from parts from various manufacturers. One may have a BMW engine with Audi suspension, and a different example may be powered by Tesla electric motors and sit upon a Mercedes platform. From what we’ve seen though, almost all of the replicas are indistinguishable from the original Countach and it’d take an expert to tell the difference.

The Vaydor G35

The Vaydor G35 (3)

The peculiar case of the Vaydor G35 is one you won’t forget. This car is actually an Infiniti G35, which is a saloon (also available as a coupe) sold in America. With the purchase of a body kit, this rather ordinary saloon is transformed into a unique supercar known as the Vaydor G35.

Originally the Vaydor kit was sold separately, but nowadays you can buy the ‘Vaydor G35’ car ready-built from the American company for the rather large price of $150,000.

The Vaydor G35 replica (4)

The conversion kit for the Infiniti G35 includes scissor doors, many added air vents and new lights. Overall, the kit completely changes the look of the car making it completely unrecognisable as the Infiniti G35 coupe that it started out as.

The Vaydor G35 is a kit car and involves a little more than just sticking on some body panels. The original Infiniti G35 donor car must first be disassembled and stripped down to the chassis. Once the custom roll cage is welded to the chassis, the rest of the car can then be assembled. It is said that 90% of the parts needed for the Vaydor G35 build come from the donor Infiniti G35.

Although this isn’t actually a replica of any particular car, the Vaydor still embodies the spirit of faking it til’ you make it. 

The Vaydor G35 The Jokers Car - Suicide Squad (5)

Not only does the car look phenomenal, but it also looks original. It’s not just another boring old Ferrari or Lamborghini, it’s a unique model that no one will recognise!

Fake Ferraris

Fake Ferraris (6)

Whether you want a classic Ferrari or something more modern, most likely from the late noughties/early tens, there is a plentiful supply of replica prancing horses available in the UK.

For just £25,000, you could be the owner of a replica F355 convertible with only 214 miles on the clock. Like many replicas, this example was made with genuine parts and it was also built upon a Pontiac chassis. The real deal will cost you around £70,000-100,000 so you’ll be saving a huge amount!

Ferrari 250 California Spyder SWB (7)

If you’re looking for a more classic Ferrari but don’t want to fork out several million pounds, you may be interested in buying a replica Ferrari 250 California SWB Spyder. This particular example is priced at £120,000 and is said to be built with “thoroughly modern underpinnings” which means it can be driven daily with confidence.

The interior stitching is top-notch, the leather is high quality and the dashboard gauges are so well replicated to look genuine. Some may argue that the car is an improvement on the original thanks to the modern updates, making it better-suited to modern life. Central locking, Thatcham immobiliser, electric folding roof and DAB radio are just some of the new additions that you can only enjoy in a replica such as this!

The world of replica cars is vast. If you like a popular supercar that’s at least 10 years old, chances are that it’s been replicated and people are selling the fake versions online. Of course, not all of them will be good, but on the other hand, some replicas are so good that no one would be able to tell the difference. Would you think about faking it til’ you make it?

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