BMW’s instantly recognisable kidney grilles are getting rather large

With the recent reveal of the new 2020 7 Series and the X7 SUV back in 2018, it’s become apparent that the brand-defining kidney grilles found on Bimmers are getting rather large. We must admit, they’re not quite as large as our thumbnail image suggests, but give it another 10 years and they probably will be that big at this rate.

BMW's New Giant Grille 1

All you have to do is look back 5 or 10 years and it quickly becomes clear just how much the grille has changed. Is it for the better? Surprisingly, a lot of people seem to think so. But thankfully our readers are remaining level-headed.

Poll results

We created a poll on our Facebook page and asked if people preferred the new larger grilles or the old, “normal” sized grilles.

BMW's New Giant Grille 2

If you thought that these new large kidneys would have no support at all, you’d be wrong, because roughly a third of our voters said they actually preferred the huge grilles over the smaller ones! Still, that means that approximately 2 in 3 people agreed that those humongous, pig-nose grilles look damn right silly!

Kidney? More like lung grilles!

BMW's New Giant Grille 3

The new BMW X7 was the first of the two vehicles to show off the new grilles of increased size. It was originally revealed in October of 2018 and it’s a very impressive SUV. The 3.0-Litre diesel model can do 0-60mph in just 7 seconds and produces 265 hp. The 4.0-Litre petrol model is even quicker with a 0-60mph sprint time of just 6.1 seconds thanks to its 340 hp engine. Although, you’d probably expect to be impressed when buying cars that cost £72,155 and £74,155 respectively.

However, the grille has increased considerably when comparing it to the X3 and even more so when comparing it to the sleek and beautiful X6 coupe.

BMW's New Giant Grille 4

People react

The internet is great for news, information, entertainment, finding out how tall celebrities are, but most of all, making fun of things. When the new 2020 7 Series was revealed in January 2019, mocking soon followed with responses such as this:

Here’s to hoping that no more models are affected

At the moment, the 2020 7 Series and current X7 are the only ones affected. Here’s to hoping other Bimmers such as the beloved 3 Series and the handsome 4 Series don’t follow suit.

BMW's New Giant Grille 5

The 2019 3 Series has been praised across the board for its new smoked rear lights, elegant interior and as always, great performance and drive. BMW’s gift for making fantastic cars should not be overshadowed by grilles that make the cars look like they’re trying to be Rolls Royce’s.

Let us know what your opinion is on the new style in the comments!

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