Well, the inevitable has happened, we’re in another lockdown. Although we’re not here to talk about the politics of it all, we are here to talk about what you can be watching now that we can no longer go out to eat, drink or more importantly, go to any car-related events!

As the evening draws in and you find yourself at home with not a lot to do, as we all will be doing until lockdown ends, we recommend going through our list of lockdown treasures. Made up of films and TV shows, our tailored list is comprised of some of our favourite motoring-related viewing experiences that we think will see you through the boring evenings!

If we missed any of your favourites that you think are worthy of a place on the list, let us know in the comments!

Ford v Ferrari

Car FilmsSeries To Watch During Lockdown

Blending the niche history of motorsport with the polished look and feel of a blockbuster Hollywood movie, Ford v Ferrari tells a legendary story in Motorsport history that every car enthusiast should know. Starring everyone’s favourite Cockney-Welshman, Christian Bale and Bourne himself, Matt Damon and directed by James Mangold who also produced Logan, the film certainly has the talent needed to make it brilliant. And it is!

Not only does the film tell the story of Ferrari’s grand defeat and the desperate measures that it took for Ford to achieve it, but it will also give you a whole new appreciation for the Ford GT, a car most know as Ford’s only supercar and one that is known to be pretty unreliable. But this film will tell the story of the real Ford GT, the GT40. The cars that dethroned Ferrari.

You Only Live Twice

Car FilmsSeries To Watch During Lockdown

What better film to watch and honour the recently departed Sean Connery than You Only Live Twice? It’s a Bond film, so naturally, it’s packed full with not only cars but helicopters, planes and even a rocketship for good measure too!

The car that stands out in this Bond film, however, is a breath of fresh air compared to the standard silver Aston Martin DB5. This time, the star car is the white convertible Toyota 2000 GT driven by Bond girl, Aki, played by Akiko Wakabayashi. It features in a brilliant car chase full of excellent noises we assume are authentic the to 2000 GT, but either way, it’s a rather guttural experience.

The Grand Tour

Car FilmsSeries To Watch During Lockdown

Now, if we are to be brutally honest, we would recommend skipping the entire first season. It’s overly-scripted and has some pretty awful jokes that seem to fall flat. Our theory is it took the famous trio a bit of time to get into the swing of things again with their new, reskinned Top Gear-like series.

After season 1, however, the show really brings back that old Top Gear feel and if you’re reading this and haven’t already watched The Grand Tour, we would say it’s pretty much essential viewing. Definitely perfect lockdown material!


Car FilmsSeries To Watch During Lockdown

Now, if you don’t spend much time on YouTube then you may think it’s just some weird place for kids who are into Fornite, or just a place to watch Vevo music videos. Well, actually it’s a weird place to watch cool car YouTubers as they buy ridiculous cars, fix them up, go on road trips, review new cars, pretty much anything you can think of. We have a few to recommend to get you started.

For reviews, check out Doug DeMuro or Throttle House. Although neither are British, one is a very strange American who truly reviews cars (of the weird and wonderful variety) like no other and as for Throttle House, they’re a dynamic British and (assumedly) Canadian duo with professional-level production.

Of course, there’s also carwow that holds the title for best drag races on YouTube. If you ever thought ‘I wonder which would be faster, car x or car y’ then carwow have likely already done a drag race pitting them against each other.

If you’re looking for a more personable channel, try Mat Armstrong. He’s a normal guy in Leicester who likes to make financially ill-advised car purchases. Well, he’s probably not struggling so much anymore since his success on the platform but nonetheless, it’s entertaining to watch someone buy supercars as cheap as possible and then fix them up and make them into something to be proud of.

So all of that should keep us going for a while until we’re allowed back out to waste time doing other things!

If you have any recommendations, do let us know in the comments!

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