Best bang for your buck in terms of horsepower!

Any enthusiast that knows about car performance will tell you that horsepower is far from the be-all and end-all of how fast a car is. Traction and handling are debatably much more important but when you just want to brag to your friends, none of that matters!

If you’re looking to get as much horsepower as possible for the money you’re willing to spend, look no further! For new and used vehicles, here are some of the best examples of the best horsepower per pound value!

Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST

The Ford Focus and Fiesta are some of the best selling cars in the UK and have been for a good amount of time. They’re known for their value and that carries over to the ST models too! With 280 hp and 200 hp respectively, the Focus ST and Fiesta ST can provide moderate bragging rights for an affordable amount.

New, a Focus ST works out at around £108 per horsepower and a Fiesta ST is even better at £103/hp. For used models no more than 5 years old, Focus STs for around £25,000 work out at around £89/hp and a used Fiesta ST for £16,500 would work out to be around £83/hp.

Nissan 370z

Photo: Damian Barczak

Some may forget just how much horsepower the 370z is packing! With around 340 hp, this little coupe has some serious bite to it and with new models starting from around £30k, the horsepower per pound works out at around £87/hp! If you wanted to save some money and buy used, let’s say for around £26,000, it would then be £76/hp.

Kia Stinger GT-S

A seriously underrated and underappreciated car, the Stinger GT-S is not only a thing of beauty and kitted out with plenty of luxury, it’s fast too! With 365 hp and costing £44,000 new, it works out at around £104/hp but if you buy used, for around £24,000, it works out to be just £66/hp!

Subaru Impreza

@ryking32 on Unsplash

Last but not least, let’s look at some old school JDM. The Subie Impreza is a rough and ready car that’s bought for one reason only, great speed and power for a ridiculously low price. Get yourself a used Impreza from 2001 for £4,500 and you’ll be looking at around £21/hp, thanks to its 215hp engine. Whether the engine will still be making that amount of power after over 20 years is another story…

Know of any horsepower bargains? Let us know in the comments!

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