The Metropolitan Police have been cracking down on cars that are uninsured and not taxed for some time. Over the last year they have really upped their stake in tackling this issue, known as Operation Cubo they have set up checks all around the UK to try and stop the massive increase in people driving without cover.

Lamborghini Aventador

Since the launch of Operation Cubo in October 2012, officers have managed to seize an astonishing 11,500 cars in a 12 month period.One of these cars seized was a bright orange Lamborghini Aventador which, at retail, fetches a hefty £350,000. The reason for the Aventador being pulled over was originally for not having a front mounted number plate. The law states that in the UK a car needs to have a front number plate, which is placed in the most practical place where in normal daylight the characters on the plate can be easily distinguished. Usually a number plate is found on the front bumper of most modern-day vehicles. People within the modifying community have also placed their number-plates in their windscreen – however the legality of this can be debatable.

Lamborghini AventadorAfter the vehicle had been pulled over, the police officers carried out the usual routines they would conduct on any stop. After a thorough look into the vehicle details it emerged that the vehicle was not actually insured, and the officers also found that the driver of the vehicle was not the registered owner! Seems like a double whammy as the car was then towed away to a Police Impound yard in London.

Lamborghini AventadorThe Lamborghini Aventador is capable of reaching an amazing top speed of 217 m/ph and can reach 0-60 m/ph in 2.9 seconds, making it one of the world’s fastest super cars – remarkable! Unfortunately, for the car, the owner never came forward to release the vehicle. As no formal paperwork was ever given to the police, the car was sent off to be auctioned off and one anonymous bidder paid £218,000 for the car (absolute bargain considering).

As mentioned before, Operation Cubo has been one of the most successful UK operations to ever hit the streets, with the seizing of 11,500 cars, 2 of those belonging to members of the Qatar Royal Family. Many people from Qatar visit London and bring their super cars with them, a recent show covered their voyages to the UK and gave viewers their perspective.


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