With all the millions they make, it’s often a wonder how celebrities spend their money. Flash homes, decadent parties and extravagant holidays are all on the list, but so are expensive cars.

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While some might look for something sporty, that makes a statement about their lifestyle, others might choose the most energy efficient car to prove how much they care about the environment. However, others might want something, shall we say, a little bit more robust – especially when it comes to fending off baying fans and intrusive paparazzi.

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It seems that celebrities are currently indulging in the latter as the new latest trend, with Texas Armoring Corporation experiencing numerous famous faces asking for the protective vehicles.

The models are able to withstand gunshots, chemical attacks and bombs, and will provide an electric shock to any unauthorised individual trying to put their hands on the car handles.

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It all seems a little excessive to the everyday individual, but celebrities are lining up to invest in the amazing vehicles.

Reports from the Daily Mail suggest that former Spice Girl Mel B has recently purchased a brand new Cadillac Escalade, equipped with the extensive protective features.

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Other stars who have reportedly purchased or requested one of the vehicles include Steven Seagal, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tiger Woods and Kanye West.

A number of vehicles can be provided with the armouring system, ranging from Acuras to Volkswagens, and almost everything in between.

How about an armoured Ferrari, or a fully protected Porsche? There is something for everyone in Texas Armoring’s range.

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The cars can feature run-flat inserts, to ensure it can still perform if the tyres burst, as well as premium bulletproof glass throughout and high-hardened ballistic steel.

For those who still need more protection, the cars can be fitted with a specialised gun port, tailored for any particular weapon.

It’s all starting to sound a bit like a James Bond vehicle. But the gadgets don’t end there.

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Customers can have a chase deterrent fitted to the car, which spills out smoke and shoots out road-tacks to burst the tyres of the vehicle in pursuit.

Furthermore, the vehicles can include a pressurised cabin, complete with oxygen mask, in the event of a gas attack on the vehicle. Drivers could also negotiate their way through the darkest of nights, with military spec night vision also an option.

The cars are usually acquired by politicians to protect them while out and about. However, the vice president of the company has noticed a shift in the customer base in recent years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jason Forston said: “Five years ago we had no Hollywood celebrities as customers. Nowadays, we have anywhere between 10 to 15 orders a year from celebrities and professional athletes.”

To prove the abilities of the vehicles, the company’s website features a video of president and chief executive of the company Trent Kimball crouching behind a sheet of bulletproof glass, as used in the vehicles, while an employee fires multiple rounds from an AK-47. Safe to say, Mr Kimball remains unscathed.

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