Iconic car manufacturer Jaguar has lifted the lid on its latest concept development – the C-X17 Sports Crossover. It is the brand’s first ever foray into the sports crossover development, with the Frankfurt Motor Show welcoming the car as part of its events and exhibitions.

Jaguar-C-X17 Feature

The vehicle has been designed to demonstrate Jaguar’s advanced aluminium monocoque architecture, which could provide a glimpse into the future of the manufacturer’s developments.

For those of us who need a definition of this odd terminology, the advanced aluminium monocoque is a new vehicle architecture and philosophy from Jaguar, which uses the metal in an intensive way. It is lightweight, yet incredibly stiff, and is made using 100 per cent recycled raw material.

Jaguar C-X17 driving interior

It is hoped that this advance will mean that Jaguar can move into higher levels of production, without taking away what makes the brand so unique.

“This new philosophy will bring technology from our luxury products into an accessible price segment, and when combined with our new ultra-efficient engines, we will set a global standard. Add to these rational values, the class-leading dynamics, and the beauty and purity of form that Jaguar is renowned for, and we have the formula for a monumental leap forward,” a statement from the manufacturer revealed.

Jaguar C-X17 front shot

Looking at the vehicle, there are stylistic points which make the new C-X17 recognisable as a Jaguar. The rounded front grille with central emblem and the blinked headlights give the impression of a regular sedan from Jaguar. Furthermore, the extended roof lip at the back of the vehicle also hark back to XF model.

While the vehicle isn’t exactly breaking any boundaries or reinventing the idea of a typical SUV, it still looks stylish without being too over-dramatic.

Jaguar C-X17 side shot

Jaguar said that the vehicle needs to stand out from the crowd, while delivering the sophistication that is synonymous with the brand.

In addition to the copious space provided on the inside, the vehicle gives even more open with the panoramic sculpted roof. Passengers will be able to look at the sky above them while on the move, with the design intended to provide additional headroom.

Jaguar C-X17 interior

Passengers will also be able to use a range of technology in the vehicle, with an Interactive Surface Console running through the car’s centre tunnel – from the dashboard to the rear seats.

The touch-screen technology allows users to upload pictures, videos and sound files, with secure in-car Wi-Fi providing access to social media channels and other information.

Jaguar C-X17 angle

Users at the rear of the vehicle can load up information and “flick” it towards the front of the vehicle.

However, it’s not just technology that Jaguar have focussed on; it’s power too. With a top speed of 186mph (300km/h) the car is certainly no slouch. It will be made available with a wide variety of engines with differing capacities and outputs – including the V6 petrol engine in the F-Type.

Jaguar C-X17 rear

Adrian Hallmark, global brand director for Jaguar, said: “We designed the C-X17 from the ground up from a distinct set of principles, a deep sense of what makes a Jaguar: exciting proportions, clean lines, balance of form. Assertive and powerful, yet with a beautiful sensuality about it, the C-X17 is boldly, distinctively Jaguar.”

It’s about time that Jaguar entered the crossover market, but is the C-X17 enough to really turn heads?

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