With the introduction of the internet the motoring scenes, along with different industries and cultures, have been able to view and express numerous talents and marvels. Once something has been done, others will soon follow suit to try and join in on the fame. However there are some things that no one can re-create, it takes many years of practice and stretched patience limits to achieve what some have been able to.

Take Ken Block, a rally driver, skateboarder, snowboarder and motocross participant he has endless talent being able to apply himself to such a wide range of adrenaline driven sports. His latest internet sensation was the invention of “Gymkhana” which is set in different parts of the US incorporating the iconic pieces which make that particular area. There are now 6 official “Gymkhana” videos with a few different spin-offs, such as “Gymkhana 2.1” which features Rob Dyrdek (skateboarder).

The latest spin-off is called Ken Box, which incorporates a new children’s toy called the “Razor Crazy Cart”, the driver, Ali Kermani is on this contraption with a box covering him which has Ken Blocks rally spec Ford Fiesta printed on all 4 sides. This is a parody of Ken’s famous “Gymkhana” videos and is done to absolute tee! Take a look for your selves:

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